How to make your day more productive when working remotely?

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Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus, the number of people working from home has been on the rise. Mitigating the risk of COVID-19 in the United States is a growing concern and that is why numerous organizations have asked their employees to work remotely until the situation gets better.

Even before the eruption of this deadly pandemic, many people used to work from the comfort of their homes or at least fantasized about it. However, as interesting as it sounds, when working from home, it is not easy to maintain focus. So, here are some tips to enhance the productivity of your work when working remotely. 

1. Set Your Bonus

Write down the hours when you will be working from home. Although these hours do not have to be 9 am to 5 pm, still, you have to dedicate at least 7 hours to your work so that you can complete the assigned tasks before the deadline. Avoid planning long lunches and friendly appointments during your office hours. If, for some reason, you cannot work for long consecutive hours, break your day into two or three sections but make sure that these sections are long enough to be productive and creative. 

2. Designate an Office

Designate your office. Even if you do not have a spare room in your house, designate a particular place where you will work. Train your brain in a way that you take that particular area to be your office and the rest of the space as your house. Head to that same space every day and avoid watching television when working. 

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3. Do Not Forget to go Outside 

Do not lock yourself in the house when working remotely. Even though the government has imposed strict rules due to the virus, you are allowed to exercise for some time in the park. So, take this opportunity and try to make the best of this time. Plan your day accordingly and schedule every part of your time to enhance your productivity. 

4. Plan Your Day 

Plan your day in the morning. It will enable you to schedule all your activities so that you can complete maximum tasks in one day. In addition to this, planning will enable you to assign the number of hours that you need to complete each task. By planning your day, you will be able to accomplish much more than what you can without planning. 

5. Ensure Reliable Internet

When working from home, make sure that you have a reliable internet connection so that you are connected to your office at all times. A good internet connection with reasonable download and upload speed would ensure that your assignments are being sent and received promptly. Furthermore, when working remotely, you have to communicate with your colleagues and supervisors constantly and it will not be possible without a stable internet service. 

6. Minimize Other Distractions 

The less time you spend on Facebook and Instagram, the more productive you will be. Social media is the biggest distraction when working from home. Therefore, sign out all of your accounts when you sit down to work. This way, you will not be notified. Hence, there would no urge to check your news feed. 

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7. Take Care of Your Health

Make sure to get a good six to eight-hour sleep before you sit down to work. Rest well as it ensures more productivity. When you wake up in the morning, take a shower and have a good breakfast so that you can work constantly without the need to get snacks after every 30 minutes. Moreover, take regular breaks and use this time to exercise so you can freshen up and work effectively. 

8. Demand a Quiet Place

Tell your friends and family members to leave you alone when you are working. You cannot allow interventions in your business hours. You have to be ruthless when adhering to a fixed schedule. You can always spend time with them during breaks or when you are done with your work but during office hours, no one should be allowed to disturb you. 

9. Check with Others 

Do not make a habit of working all by yourself. Instead, keep track of your colleagues to see how they are performing. Keep in touch with your office mates throughout the day and share your progress with them. Discuss your assignments with them to get insights regarding how to complete a particular task and how you can be more productive. 

10. Log Off Every Day

Once you are done for the day, make sure that you drop a message in your supervisor’s inbox to let him know that you have completed all the tasks and are signing off for the day. Inform your superiors so that they know you are doing justice to this blessing of working comfortably from home. 

Follow the aforementioned tips to make your day more productive when working remotely.


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