How to manage dedicated development team: little guide

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Once you have hired the members of your dedicated development team, you need to figure out how you handle team management. As a project manager, you are expected to get involved in the software development process. In the same way, you should also be actively checking your team members’ working progress. The job is challenging, considering that you’re looking after a remote team. But even if that’s the case, team management is always doable. For your guidance, here are ways to manage your dedicated development team.

Before getting to the real business, you should disclose the client’s expectations to your dedicated development team. You are the project manager, and you need to let them understand that the project’s success depends on how the team works to meet the project expectations.

State expectations clearly

There should also be a clear flow of how the software development process is carried out, including each member’s tasks and their schedule of deliverables. It motivates the members to work according to schedule. Aside from that, it helps if you can list the expectations using a project management tool that everyone in the team can access anytime.

Schedule 1-on-1 interviews

When managing a remote team, it is your job to conduct a one-on-one interview with every member. This meeting is an opportunity for the team members to share the progress of their respective tasks and the problems they encounter along the way. It also gives you the chance to help them resolve the issues they’re facing on the job.

But of course, these interviews should not only be limited to talking about work. As much as possible, know each of them better, motivate them, and make them feel that you appreciate their efforts. Remember, they are doing the most tedious tasks. Supporting them is a motivation to do their jobs well and, resulting in a successful software development project.

Have an open communication

Communication is significant in managing a dedicated development team. It’s remote work, and having open and accessible communication is essential to make the project a success. How would you get each other updated? The fact that you don’t physically see each other every day is a challenge, and the only way to keep the progress going is through constant communication. And this shouldn’t be a big problem because we live in a world where different communication platforms are available. You can create a private group chat, a group social media account, or a video conference group.

Listen, respond, and provide feedback

As a project manager, you don’t always get to be listened to by everyone. You need to learn to listen to your members, especially if they have questions and concerns about the project, and they want to voice out their thoughts and opinions. In the same way, you have to respond to their queries and comments without sounding rude or insulting anyone. Sometimes, it can get stressful, but you have to remain calm because your team members depend on you.

Furthermore, provide constructive feedback to their work and suggest ways for them to improve whenever necessary. If any team member wants to suggest an idea, hear them out first before rejecting their suggestions. Once you have heard them speak, give your feedback or thoughts about their proposals. If you think that it doesn’t work, explain your side and make them understand your points. By doing this, it makes communication more proper and efficient.

Build trust

You are the project manager, and you are expected to lead the team and oversee the progress of the software development process. But everyone involved in the project should be open and honest with each other. You need to make each other feel that you trust one another, and everyone is ready to help when the situation calls for it. The project will only be a success if everyone isn’t afraid to express and accept constructive criticisms.

Provide support

In connection with building trust, having the proper support is vital in the success of the project. Managing a remote team also entails taking of the members’ well-being. Take some time to pause and relax, especially if things get too stressful for everybody. You and the team members need all the support you can get to finish the project as planned.


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