How to Manage Your Business During the Crisis

Business During the Crisis
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Even though everybody is aware of possible ups and downs in national and global economies, nobody was really prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, the most serious crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. We are seeing quarantine, closed offices, schools, restaurants and shops, and postponed or cancelled mass events such as festivals, conferences and football matches. It has already generated big losses for many business during crisis. So what can be done to minimize losses and the impact of it on business during the crisis? How can we to avoid being caught unprepared next time? In this blog, you will know How to Manage Your Business During the Crisis.

Change your approach

Outsourcing is nothing new on the market, but the perception has changed significantly. It is no longer about just a call center located in India. Today, an outsourcing provider is seen as a valuable partner who can help your company reach its business goals. Modern outsourcing is an important element of business strategy. It is not only a cost-effective solution, but also promises increased agility, access to expert knowledge and shared risk to lower the potential for bad IT decisions or overstaffing.

Know your risk

Who could have predicted that world as we have known it for so many years could suddenly grind to a halt? If this had been expected, there would not be so many government help programs. It is widely known that the world is changing rapidly, but no-one predicted that the most recent upheaval would be a global stagnation. Factories cannot produce, transport is very limited, people can’t do shopping in shopping malls, and companies struggle with cashflow as demand for the vast majority of products has decreased. Can your employees work as usual? Do your customers buy your products or services, and do business partners still need deliveries from you?

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Do not prepare, improve- business during the crisis

We obviously cannot prepare for everything that the future holds. But, instead of writing worst-case scenarios and looking for solutions to specific problems, you can identify factors that make your company too slow to handle rapidly emerging issues and work on becoming more agile.  Partnership with an IT services provider (More info: is a good step towards this, especially in situations such as the current one, when many organizations have had to order employees to work from home. How can you make these changes quickly? How can you ensure they are secure? How can you provide each employee with the right access to your company’s virtual resources?

A company specialized in IT outsourcing services can take this burden from your shoulders. They will have the knowledge and resources, to do so, and will already  have handled many different issues for their customers.Comarch, with almost 30 years of experience in IT services, is a reliable partner which can help you in hard times. We believe in close cooperation and build strong relationships with our clients in order to enable them to recover rapidly from any problem. Comarch focuses on building mutual trust, so we can react to issues and resolve them as quickly as possible, putting bureaucracy aside. Our end to end services let Comarch’s client minimize the risk associated with IT costs and potential mistakes, become more flexible, and benefit from advanced, secure solutions tailored to their needs.

Don’t wait for the next crisis. Choose your IT partner now. 

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Dagmara Skomra, Product Manager at Comarch


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