How to Open Zip Files on iPad or iPhone?

How to Open Zip Files on iPad or iPhone?
How to Open Zip Files on iPad or iPhone?

If you use an iOS device then you know it’s a pretty complete system and works very well. But, you may have had problems opening compressed zip files, so we’ll talk today about how to best handle zip files on your iPhone or iPad. Apple’s iOS actually has had support, albeit limited, for zip files since iOS 7 but it only works with Messages and Mail.

For example, you’re chatting with a friend and they attach a zipped file full of their vacation pics. Or, a colleague at work emails you some documents that they need you to look at right away. It’s not a perfect solution, but it works without necessitating any add-on software. Whether it be unzipping files on your iPhone 7, Google Drive or iPad Pro, we’re here to show you how to do so.

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How to Open Zip Files on iPad or iPhone?
How to Open Zip Files on iPad or iPhone?

How to open zip files on iPhone and iPad pro

  1. When you download a zip file in Safari, your iPhone or iPad will offer to open it in the Files app. Tap “Open in Files” to do so. You can also save zip files to the Files app from other applications.
  2. Select a location once you’re prompted to choose a place to save your zip file.
  3. Tap the zip file in your Files app to open it.
  4. Tap “Preview Content” to see the contents of the zip file.
  5. You can view the contents of the zip file here. If the zip file contains multiple files, swipe left and right to switch between them.
  6. To extract a file from the zip archive, tap the Share button and select “Save to Files” to save it to your files app, or tap an app to immediately send it to that app.
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If you want more features—for example, if you want to actually create zip files on your iPhone or add files to an existing zip file—you’ll need a third-party app for working with zip files.



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