How to Optimize a Cryptocurrency Website?

a Cryptocurrency Website

Website optimization is a set of measures aimed at raising the position of the site in the results of search engines for certain queries. And it does not matter in which niche you are working, this might be a Cryptocurrency Website, forex, selling products, and services, etc. For a crypto project, a Cryptocurrency Website optimization methods can be divided into four types:

  • Internal factors: The elimination of problems with site indexing, the adaptation of content to the requirements of search engines, internal linking, and more.
  • External factors: An increase in the link mass of the site and its subsequent control.
  • Behavioral factors: An improvement in indicators that characterize the behavior of users on your resource and their interest in its content: the average visit time, the number of pages viewed, bounce rate, etc.
  • Commercial factors: These include brand awareness, assortment, dealerships, price levels, payment options, etc.

To make sure that your a Cryptocurrency Website is well optimized and will attract organic traffic, it is best of all to entrust the task to professionals. Otherwise, you risk sending too much time if you decide to fulfill the task on your own. And the final result will not be as good as you expect.

Internal a Cryptocurrency Website optimization

For your resource to be liked by visitors and search engines, it must look and function at its best. To do this, serious work needs to be done, which starts with cleaning the code and ends with the development of an optimal design. The task of the search engine is to give users information that is most relevant to their requests. Your site should strive for the same, and then the search engine will rank your crypto website highly. New search engine algorithms also track user behavior on your site. The better the behavioral factors, the higher the site will appear in the search results. You should work on it not only for search engines but mostly for people.

Technical optimization

How the site works depends on its position in the SERP. That is why it is crucial to improve its technical parameters. Let us list some of the most essential parameters for a crypto website:

  • Sitemap.xml This file should contain a map of your site, which is a list of all pages that are subject to indexing by search engines, and data on how often they are updated. The file must be in the root directory.
  • Robots.txt. This is a file intended exclusively for reading by search robots. In it, you can write commands that allow or prohibit the indexing of elements.
  • 301 redirect. It allows you to solve several problems at once: exclude site mirrors due to the availability of only one main mirror, and remove duplicate pages.
  • Site speed. Most Internet users have access to high-speed connections, so they are not accustomed to wasting time waiting for a web page to load. Sites that take more than 3 seconds to load lose their positions in search engines dramatically. To solve this problem, remove unnecessary scripts and plugins from web pages, start using image compression, and if this does not help, change hosting.
  • Malicious code. It can get on the page both due to your negligence and as a result of the actions of intruders.
  • Adaptive layout. According to statistics, more than 50% of traffic on Google comes from mobile devices, so if your site is not optimized for them, this will increase the bounce rate and, as a result, will affect the positions.
  • Micromarking. It is necessary for search engines to better understand the content of the page. Google supports semantic markup. If you use it on your site, then search engines will be able to receive and display more information: reviews, ratings, and so on.
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SEO page optimization

First of all, we are talking about creating useful content for the visitor.

If we are talking about information queries, for example, “what is Litecoin”, then the main task is for the page to fully disclose what the user asking this query may be interested in: 

  • the description of the cryptocurrency, 
  • its appearance,
  •  its benefits and drawbacks, 
  • and the prospects.


To optimize a crypto site, it is no longer enough just to work with the uniqueness of texts or keyword density, you should think about the user. You will not be successful if you do not provide the audience with the responses they are looking for by typing information requests. Or, in the case of commercial requests like “where to buy Luna”, if your rates and commissions are higher than those of competitors.

Here are the main requirements for content:

  • Uniqueness. This indicator must be at least 90%, otherwise, your site will not be ranked high.
  • Benefits and usefulness. Everything that is published on pages of a crypto site should reveal its main content. To do this, analyze competitors at the top of the search results and draw up the optimal structure for each page.
  • Reliability. All information on the page must be valuable and reliable. 
  • Compliance with the interests of the target audience. Analyze data from analytics systems to identify target audience groups and develop unique content for each of them.
  • Variety of forms. In the crypto niche, providing educational content is a must. And it can be created in a wide range of forms — from checklists to videos and podcasts.
  • And, finally, the occurrence of key queries in the text so that your website can rank at the same level as competitors.
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Links are an important part of the content. The site must have internal linking since, with its help, search robots get to new pages and index them. Of course, internal linking also simplifies user navigation on the site.

These are the basic optimization tasks that need to be implemented on a site. To determine what exactly needs to be done, it is necessary to carry out an audit. It is intended to determine the weak points of a crypto site. Based on the results, it is possible to outline an effective optimization and promotional strategy. The requirements of search engines are really high. Therefore, by entrusting your website to professionals, you will be able to focus on running your crypto business and making sure that the clients you will attract will be serviced at a high level. After all, attracting the audience to the site is not the final target, you need to retain the clients and turn them into loyal clientele.


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