How to Order Essay from Writing Companies? 4 Steps to Follow


Writing essays can be a daunting task if you lead a busy life. They require a lot of time, a premium commodity in this day and age. Thorough research is required when writing an essay. You need to go to a library and look for the required books, a task that is not easy at all. If the content is still not sufficient, you might need to use online book archives or resources which are so hard to navigate and, most times, gatekeeping.

Much thought is put into essay writing, making it impossible to write a good one if you are not fully concentrating on what you are doing or lack sufficient time. In such dire times of need is when professional essay writing companies come in handy. They are guaranteed to provide you with the assistance you need with writing your essay. Here are some of the ways you can go about ordering an essay from a writing company and a breakdown of the entire process.

Identify an ideal writing company

Finding a professional essay writing service is important when looking to order an essay. Your essay is going to be graded, and it is pointless to pay for work and still get a bad grade. It is crucial that you find an essay writing service with good ratings and guaranteed to deliver quality work. Take some time to look for a good writing service before ordering for the service. 

You can look at the reviews provided by people who have used the platform before, and from there, you know what service will serve you best. Pick a writing service that is also within your budget. Once you identify the essay writing service that is best in terms of quality and affordability, then you can order your essay.

Provide as much information as you can

When placing an order, make a point to give out as much information as you possibly can. The aim is to get the best out of this service, so why hold back on how you want your work done? Explain extensively how the work should be done, give out all the instructions that were given by the lecturer to you for the said essay. 

You can give sources the work should be obtained from and those that should be avoided. Provide the citation style you want and the general writing style used in the entire essay. Even small details like the font to be used and size, spacing, and indentation can be included. The more information you give, the better the quality of your essay.

Set a deadline

Setting a deadline is the next step after providing extensive information. The sooner you need your essay, the higher the price will be. You might be required to pay more if you need the work done within a very short time. So if you intend to order an essay from a writing service, do it as soon as possible because the further the deadline, the less you will need to pay. We all want to save our coins whenever possible. 

You can take advantage of the double deadline when making an essay order. One deadline is for the writer who is writing your essay and the other one is the actual deadline provided for the submission of the school assignment. The double deadline guarantees getting the essay on time, and you even get some time to go through it before submitting it.

Choose a writer best suited for the work

Essay writing platforms provide several writers that you can choose from. Choosing a good writer is the most important part of the process because this is the person actively working on your essay. Your essay score is dependent on the work they do, so you have to pick the best. 

Make sure you go through their profile, the reviews, and comments made by former employers and choose a writer who you think is suitable. You can even chat with them and ask for samples of work done just to be sure. Once you are satisfied with their profile and previous work, then you can hire them.

Make a deposit

Most essay writing services require a deposit to be made before the writing starts. You can always refund the money before hiring a writer. Part of the deposit goes to the writer, and the rest of the payment is required is held as a guarantee. 

Once the money has been deposited into the account, then the writing can start. You are the one in charge of releasing the funds to the writer. When the essay is finished, and you are satisfied with the work done, then you can release the rest of the funds to the writer. 


Ordering essays from an essay service company is very easy. All that is needed is a few minutes, and you can finally focus on more pressing matters. This article has hopefully helped you understand the process of making orders on professional online essay writing service providers.


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