How to Perfect the Process of Hiring UI/UX Designers?

UI/UX Designers

Modern technology is rapidly evolving since companies compete to release innovative web products. Today, the market size of the software industry is estimated to be over $470 billion and is expected to rise to $1,150 billion by 2030.

Developing a stellar web product requires the input of UI/UX designers. You need to hire UI designers with the right qualifications, skills, and experience to handle various projects. Uxcel, for example, is a great place to hire the best UI/UX designers for your company. Without any effort, you may find qualified and trustworthy designers here. Customers want apps that are functional, appealing, and meet their needs. UX/UI designers ensure the web product offers the best user experience. 

Recruiting the right designers is quite a challenging process that is cumbersome and time-consuming. You need to have a checklist of the job requirements to simplify your work. But there are pointers you can follow to perfect the recruitment process. 

If you want a seamless interviewing process, we offer insightful tips to assist you in evaluating UI/UX candidates to get the right fit for the role. 

Where to Search for Skilled UI/UX Designers?

Recruiting experts to handle user interface and design is a difficult task. It is imperative to conduct extensive research on where you can search for potential designers you can recruit for your firm. 

The first step in the process is placing job advertisements for the role you want. Advertise on genuine job sites online or the recruitment agencies that connect professionals to employers. You can also use social media sites like LinkedIn to post your job adverts. 

Another workable strategy for recruiting talented UI/UX specialists is attending professional events, meetings, and conferences. These events attract numerous experts who meet under one roof to showcase their expertise, perform at the seminars, and give masterclasses.

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Tips to Hire Competent UI/UX Designers 

You might think that hiring is all about checking a candidate’s qualifications. On the contrary, the interview should be a detailed session where the applicant demonstrates their expertise and capabilities in theory and practice. 

If you want to hire UI/UX professionals, ensure you evaluate their skills and experience in your niche industry. Let us explore some tips to help you perfect the recruitment process. 

Identify Your Business Needs 

One essential factor to consider is your business needs. Filtering through resumes without a proper strategy will result in a frustrating process. So, it would be best to establish your company’s goals and your business needs. Ensure you have standard guidelines that new employees must follow to maintain your company’s culture. Thus, you need to understand the specific roles of a UX/UI designer in relation to your company’s standards. 

Therefore, list the job requirements and evaluate their significance depending on your business needs. Involve the team of recruiters to help you draw out the qualified candidates with a detailed job description.  

Hard and Soft Skills

To simplify the hiring process, you must clearly understand the skills the candidates should have. UX/UI designers have skills categorized into two sections:

Soft Skills: Designers are naturally creative and passionate about creating appealing products. Creativity, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork are some of the must-have soft skills. Besides, the candidates should display enthusiasm and self-drive in executing assigned roles.

Hard Skills: These skills focus on the technical aspect of the web design field. They include creating wireframes, prototypes, graphic design, and UX research. 

Both hard and soft skills are mandatory in web design. Thus, ensure you prepare a skill sheet to filter the applicants efficiently. 

Measure the Hard Skills

Having the hard skills in a resume is not enough. You must measure the candidate’s skills to ensure the designer can execute their role. Thus, assess the candidates’ expertise using design tools and UX research. It is essential to offer a practical test during the interview to gauge if the person can execute the task. Also, don’t forget to analyze the applicants’ past projects to know if they are a perfect fit for the job. 

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Evaluate the Soft Skills

Apart from analyzing the hard skills, you must also gauge the soft skills. You need to understand the designer’s personality before hiring them. Are they effective communicators with team spirit? Find out if the person values team collaboration and if they are passionate about the job. You’ll learn more about the candidate’s general attitude by asking the right questions. 

Your recruitment mission is complete if the person is a design enthusiast, a good time manager, and a problem solver. 

Check References

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a designer without checking their references. Find the clients who have worked with the designer and talk to them to determine whether the provider met the project requirements and deadlines. Request for customer testimonials to have an idea of what the candidate will contribute to your company. 

Inquire About Their Work Process

Each designer has a distinct work process when handling projects. Find out the design tools that the applicant uses and the steps they take once they get an assignment. For instance, your design firm might have tailored software that the designer might not be familiar with but is an expert in other tools. So, you will probably need to conduct in-house training to retain the talent in your company. Have a checklist of the tools to help you during the interview. 

Ask Relevant Questions

Since you want to hire an expert, ensure you ask the relevant interview questions. Be specific and intentional about what you need to know concerning the position. It is an easy way of knowing if the person is the right fit for your vacancy. Don’t ask general web design questions that will not aid the hiring process. 


Ultimately, the hiring process is simple if you know the qualifications, skills, and experience required for the UI/UX role. You can perfect the process by writing a clear job description and having a skill sheet to help you during the interview. To enjoy a smooth recruitment process, ask relevant questions and assess the candidates’ skills. If you follow the above tips, you can be sure that you’re hiring an expert in your industry.


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