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a Term Paper

Defending your term paper is no less important than writing it. And even if you decide to ask for help in writing your term paper, you will still have to defend it yourself. If you make a pleasant impression on the committee members, you will get an “A” even for a weak paper. Conversely, the deepest and most innovative research is doomed to failure if the findings are unsuccessfully presented. In this article, you will learn how to protect your coursework and exit the exam room with an “A” grade.

What you need to present your term paper

For the defense of the term paper you need to start preparing at least a week. Write the text of the speech, rehearse your performance in front of a mirror, ask which teachers will sit on the committee.

You are ready to present your work if you have the following things:

  • admission from the supervisor;
  • the term paper itself, designed in accordance with the requirements of the university;
  • report;
  • a presentation.

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Preparing a speech for the presentation of a term paper

Many students (especially first-year students) mistakenly believe that the defense of a term project is a retelling. They copy large passages of text and paste them into the report, and then just read them out loud. Commission members do not listen to the tedious monologue, but interrupt students, ask them to move closer to the point or bog them down with questions. Below you will learn how to write a speech for the defense of a term paper correctly.

Structure of the report

Before defending a term paper, you need to compose a report. It is a statement of the objectives, methods and conclusions of the study in general terms. The structure of the report includes the following parts:

  • Relevance

Here you need to tell why you decided to write your term paper on the chosen topic. For example, the issue is poorly covered by other scientists, or the introduction of a new product (approach, technology) will increase the efficiency of the economy.

  • Object and subject

The subject is what exactly you have studied. The object is the basis of what. For example, you wrote a term paper on “Sources of Law.” The subject will be the external forms of expression of legal norms. And the object – normative legal acts, because that is what you relied on when researching the sources and formulating conclusions.

  • Development level

In this part, it should be noted which scientists were engaged in the study of the topic before you. And also indicate whether the results obtained have been implemented in practice.

  • Goals and Objectives

The goal answers the question of why you did the research. And objectives are the ways to achieve them. They usually duplicate the sections and subsections of the term paper.

For example, the above work has the goal to analyze the views on the content of the concept of sources of law and formulate the most complete classification of them. One of the tasks is to reveal the content of the term in the material, legal and ideal senses.

  • Methodology and sources

Any subject of research relies on empirical and theoretical basis. Write down in your report what methods you used (e.g., systems analysis, observation, modeling) and list the main sources (books, scholarly articles, statistics, legislation). Although in practice, commission members sometimes ask you to skip this stage of the defense.

  • Research results and conclusion

The last, but the main part. The defense statement should consist of 70-80% of the conclusions. Briefly and clearly list the theses, which are formulated in the term paper. Take them from the end of chapters and the conclusion.

Presentation plan

How is the coursework defense going? In terms of its procedure, it resembles a scientific and practical conference. If you have not participated in such an event before, try to present your term paper according to the following plan:


You should begin your defense with a polite greeting to the committee members. Introduce yourself, name your supervisor and the topic of your research. Next, voice the theoretical part of the prepared speech (paragraphs 1-5 of the previous section of the paper). Try to keep it to 2 minutes.

Main part

Begin voicing brief conclusions for each chapter. Explain the main terms. Pay special attention to the data you collected yourself (e.g., survey results, mathematical calculations), and proposals with scientific novelty.


Your term paper defense speech should conclude with an explanation of your personal contribution to the topic and an indication of the prospects for further research. At the end, thank the committee members for their attention and offer to ask you clarifying questions.

Practical guidelines for excellent presentation of the term paper

Writing a speech for the committee is not enough. You must feel like a fish in water at the defense. To gain confidence and to pass your term paper with high marks you can use the following techniques:

  • Rehearsal in front of a mirror with a stopwatch. Until the words start pouring out of your mouth. The speech to defend the coursework should be learned by heart. Reading from a leaf forms in the members of the commission the idea that the student does not understand the topic and just bought the work.
  • Analysis of possible questions. Pay attention to the most controversial points on the coursework. There is a 90% chance of being asked questions about them. Especially if one of the members of the commission has previously studied the same topic. Prepare your answers in advance.
  • Observing successful students. Look at a sample of speech from successful students. How do they usually respond in seminars and exams? You can learn useful techniques from excellent students.

If you wrote the term paper yourself, or at least thoughtfully read the text several times, the defense will not cause difficulties. Even if you are not going to write it yourself, but are looking for how much the term paper costs, we still recommend preparing for the defense yourself. A proper approach to preparation is already 70% of success. The rest depends on the psychological mood on the day of protection and luck. We wish you good teachers and excellent grad.


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