Almost all Internet platforms one encounters require user identification by phone number. Usually it is necessary for their own protection and allows companies to collect data about the audience. Most often a personal cell phone number is used for identification – to which an SMS with a verification code is sent. 

On the one side, everything is simple and easy, but such a situation can have very unpleasant consequences for anyone. In particular, the phone number can fall into the hands of advertisers who will attack your mobile device with advertising spam. So if you don’t want to use your real number to log in to a site or work online, a virtual number for SMS is the best solution for you. 

In this article you’ll learn all about virtual numbers and how to get an unlimited number for online profile registration.

What is a Virtual Phone Number for SMS?

Virtual number for SMS is a temporary number, which is available only on the Internet and does not have a physical SIM card. Such numbers are not tied to the user, device or location. Most often virtual numbers are used to receive text messages and register accounts in various social networks, messengers and other platforms, where you need to confirm your phone number via SMS.

Benefits of using a virtual number to receive SMS

Virtual numbers are in demand because they give certain advantages to their owners:

  • Using a virtual number you can preserve complete anonymity in the network;
  • Thanks to this number you can create multiple accounts on any platform that requires confirmation by SMS (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, TikTok, Gmail and others);
  • You can use virtual numbers regardless of the coverage area of the network of a particular operator. Such numbers are not tied to your location, so you can get a virtual number of any country;
  • The only thing you need for virtual number working is Internet access.
  • You can use several numbers at the same time without having to deal with SIM-cards, etc.
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How to get a virtual phone number using SMS-man service

Step 1. Go to SMS-man and register.

Step 2. Refill your account by any available method in the replenishment tab. The site even has the ability to recharge in cryptocurrency.

Step 3. Then go to the main page and choose the desired country of the phone operator and the desired service for the registration.

Step 4. Click on the “Buy” button next to the number you are going to buy. After clicking, it will be automatically added to your personal account on the site


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