How to score good marks in CBSE Class 8th Maths?

CBSE Class

8th grade is an important stage in a student’s educational journey. Grade 8 topics prepare your child for the higher grades such as grade 9 and tenth board. Hence it is important for students to have  armstrong foundation of class 8 maths. There are a variety of ways and techniques through which students can score exceptionally well in their class 8 math examinations.  The most important thing to do is follow all the guidelines that have been provided and set down by the CBSE Board and solve NCERT solutions for class 8 maths. The study material prescribed to the students like NCERT books and Ncert solutions covers all the important topics. Hence in order to score well students should explore these study materials. With the help of these study materials, it is easy and simple for students to score well.

Students can also practice math worksheets by Cuemath that come with visual simulations and enable students to learn and understand concepts in the most interesting way. Practising math worksheets can help students revise concepts thus strengthening their skills. It can also help develop the logical and reasoning skills of a student. Now let us discuss some tips and tricks that are going to help students get better test grade.

Tips to Score Well in CBSE Class 8th Maths

Go through the curriculum. 

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects and it requires a very solid foundation. Students must solve and practice a variety of questions that are provided in the textbooks. Students should strictly stick to the portion that has been given by CBSE.

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Follow a Time Table

To make the schedule and preparation more organized, students should follow a study timetable. Students must have NCERT textbook & NCERT answer sheets with them. It is important for students to identify their strengths & weaknesses before making a timetable. This would help students in their CBSE Class 8 preparation. The goals set in the timetable should be achievable and easy to accomplish. 

 Focus On Main Topics on CBSE Class

Students should focus on understanding the concepts rather than learning them. Also, while solving the exercises if they stumble upon any question then they can refer to NCERT Solutions for class 8. 

Self-Assessments Are The Best

Just finishing a topic in mathematics is not enough for effective preparation of CBSE class 8 maths Students should test themselves while solving chapter-wise exercises. Students can use NCERT textbook solutions in order to check their answers. They can also arrange past year papers. Along with speed, students also need to focus on accuracy. 

 Math Needs Constant Practice for CBSE Class

Practice makes a student perfect and accurate in maths. Maths needs constant and effective practice. Students can make use of their textbooks and also take their teacher’s help in understanding complex concepts. Even after mastering a few concepts, students should come back to them and practice the sums daily. They can also take the help of the internet and use free online worksheets and workbooks that will help them get familiar with a variety of sums of the same topic.


The best way to score exceptionally well in class 8 maths is to refer to NCERT textbooks. This can help students to solve problems and sums that are more relevant. Students can use these practical and interactive methods to score well in their CBSE class 8 maths examinations. Math builds a strong foundation of academic background for the students. If you follow the tricks and tips mentioned in this blog, you will definitely score well in your class 8 math examinations. Good luck!

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