How To Set Up A Cellphone Case Business


If you are planning on setting up a business of your very pwm, you should look for a product that is constantly in demand. Why not manufacture cell phone cases?  

People always use cell phones, and they will always need to protect it from various types of damage.By manufacturing cell phone cases, you will have a product that will always be needed. Here are some great tips for setting up a cell phone case business.

1.Come Up With A Business Strategy

Before you set up any kind of business, it is important that you have a business strategy. By having a business strategy, you will be able to plan out every detail of your business. 

First things first, you should choose how you will be manufacturing and selling your cell phone cases. Will you be selling your products in a traditional store? Or will you be selling them online? What type of cases will you be making?

2. Know Your Target Market

One of the most important aspects of running a business is to know your target market. By knowing your target market, you will know what demographic you should focus on. 

This depends on what type of cell phones you will be making your cases for. Will you be making cases for Iphones? Or Android models? Remember that Iphones are extremely specialized phones, and they have a very distinct feel and look to them. Android phones on the other hand are far more varied in their shapes and sizes. As a new company, it is best that you focus on just one target market for now. 

3. Look For Investors 

If you are going to set up a business of your very own , it is a good idea to have financial investors to back your business. Remember that any type of business requires a good amount of funds. If you start the business by just using your own funds, there is a chance that you’ll run out of funds before you start making a profit.

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Reaching out to investors could be a bit tricky, because you are technically asking people to put their trust in you. They will be putting their hard earned money in your company, so you should make them feel confident about their decision. 

A great way to do this is to make a business presentation of your idea. You should put all the advantages in the presentation. It is also important that you show your potential investors the overall costs of running such a business. If you are  going to run any type of business, it is important that your business partners know everything about the business.

4. Invest In Manufacturing Equipment

When you run a cell phone casing business, it is important that you get good quality manufacturing equipment. Cell Phone cases are usually made of plastic, and are quite easy to mass produce. 

However, if you lack the right manufacturing equipment, you’ll have a hard time mass producing your cell phone cases. Aside from manufacturing equipment, you should also make sure your production lines are as well-ventilated as possible. 

Remember your workers will be working with plastic the whole day, so fresh air is crucial. It is a good idea to instal air purifiers all over your workplace. If you want to invest in air purifiers, you should try out Hisoair purifiers. Their air purifiers are very good quality, and affordable.

5.Have Molds Made For Your Cell Phone Cases

One of the most efficient methods to mass produce your phone cases is to use molding technology. The best thing about molding technology is that all you need is a main mold, and you could create thousands of cellphone cases.

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If you want to invest in good quality molding technology for your cell phone cases, then you should try out RYD tooling. The company is a renowned custom plastic manufacturers china, and they could fulfil all your molding needs with little to no fuss.

6. Marketing Is Key

If you are going to sell your cell phone cases, you should market your product the right way. Remember that there are many cell phone case manufacturers out there. If you want your product to sell well, it is important that you take your branding seriously.  Your branding is a main factor on whether your potential customers will want to buy your cell phone cases or not. Aside from the quality of your cellphone case, it is also important that your packaging is as fun and eye-catching as possible. 

There are various ways you could package your cell- phone cases. You could use transparent plastic containers, or you could also use flexible plastic containers from packing pouch manufacturer Logospack. The company creates some of the best flexible packaging containers in the world, at very affordable prices.

7. Innovate All Your Designs

When It comes to making cell phone cases, it is important that you innovate them as much as possible. Remember that cellphone models always change, so you should also change with them as well.

Make it a habit to check the latest android or Iphone model that comes out. Check their actual measurements, and check the features that they offer.  Your designs should wholly depend on what type of phones you are making phone cases for. Just remember, the more innovative and attractive your designs, the better your final product will be.Aside from the molding technology, it is also a good idea to choose what type of plastics you will be using.


If you are going to set up a cell phone case business of your very own, you should know what you are doing. Here are some great tips for setting up your very own cell phone case business.


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