How to silence ‘spam’ calls on your iPhone?

How to silence 'spam' calls on your iPhone?
How to silence 'spam' calls on your iPhone?

Apple has added a new feature in iOS 13 called ‘Silence Unknown Callers’. The feature would save users from getting calls from spammers and automated calls. A simple toggle in the Settings app would automatically block unknown numbers.

Silence Unknown Callers, as the name suggests, would silence any calls from unknown numbers that a user receives.

If Siri finds the number in Mail, Messages or Contacts, it will allow the call to come through. Read on to know more about the best spam call blocker feature, and if it suits your linking, how to enable it on your iPhone.

How to silence 'spam' calls on your iPhone?
How to silence ‘spam’ calls on your iPhone?

Get to know it

 iOS 13 has rolled out in India. The new software update by Apple brings in some tweaks and updates that aim to offer a better user experience. iOS 13 also brings a new feature that would save you from spam calls.

Now you may ask about a known person calling from an alternate number which isn’t saved in your contact. Currently, iOS 13 does not offer any control to customize or manage a list of unsaved numbers that can call a user.

The only option is to save a contact number if you are expecting calls from them.

How to block spam calls on your iPhone

In case you still want to enable the Silence Unknown Callers feature, you need to:

  1. Go to the Settings app, scroll down a fair bit and tap on Phone.
  2. At the bottom half of the ‘Phone’ page, you’ll see an option that reads ‘Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts’.
  3. Enable the Silence Unknown Callers. Toggle to activate the feature.
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How to block incoming international calls on your iPhone

If your carrier does not offer to block for all incoming international calls, you may be able to block unwanted incoming calls by adding specific numbers to your list of blocked callers.

  1. Dial *60 from your iPhone, or 1160 from a landline.
  2. Follow the recorded instructions and enter the number you wish to block.


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