How to Speed Up Bike Accident Claims


Many cities push for bike lanes with ample space so bikers can move around without competing with the traffic. The problem is not all cities have sufficient room to expand. Others don’t penalise people for failing to respect the bike lanes. Hence, accidents are always possible. Moreover, bicycles aren’t as stable as other vehicles. Hence, there needs to be more protection for the driver. You need to get what you deserve if you suffer from bike injuries. 

File for bicycle accident claims with the help of legal experts since the amount will help pay the medical bills. Also, you might not be able to get back to work immediately, leading you to lose your income. Without these claims, you will financially struggle. 

The problem with bike claims is it could take time before you get the amount. Hence, you must know the tricks to hasten the process.

Get law enforcement 

Make sure you call law enforcement to arrive at the scene immediately. The police will document what happened and provide a detailed report. If you suffered injuries and your bike sustained damages, they will be a part of the report. Don’t settle with the party that caused the injuries. Even if the injuries are not that serious, you must still seek help from the police. 

Take photos of the incident

If you’re physically capable of doing it, try taking pictures of the incident. Take images from different angles. Include the items you have with you that got damaged because of the accident. The insurance company can’t question your claims when you prove that the valuables sustained damages. 

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Only provide the necessary information 

There’s no need to say a lot to the authorities. They might ask several questions and make it seem like you were at fault. Keep your words to a minimum and provide the basic information only. You shouldn’t apologise to anyone, including the other party. It doesn’t matter if you felt like the accident was your fault. Your apologies might mean the admittance of guilt. Instead of receiving claims, your insurance can blame you and not give you anything. If forced to speak, call your lawyer. You’re not legally obliged to divulge information you’re uncertain of or unwilling to discuss. 

Get medical help

Of course, it’s a priority to receive medical attention. You might have injuries because of the incident, and you can’t proceed with the filing of claims if you’re not in good shape. Besides, you also need your doctor to provide you with a detailed medical certificate. It will give information regarding the extent of the injuries. You may use this document when filing your claims.

Hopefully, it won’t take time to get the claims. If it does, you can always count on your lawyers to be there. You never planned to get into an accident while driving your bike. If another driver caused it, it’s beyond your control. Filing for claims doesn’t have to take too much time. You should receive monetary compensation soon with the right documents and quick actions. 


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