How to succeed in amazon advertising certification


The Amazon Advertising Training Console is a learning management system that gives our advertising customers a comprehensive and all-encompassing learning experience. We launched the learning console to give advertisers throughout the world the opportunity to learn about Amazon Advertising products and services while also earning certifications in various areas.

Individual courses can be used to learn new abilities fast, or learning paths can be used to go deeper into a particular area. Multiple modules make up learning routes, which allow you to achieve competence and certification in a variety of topics. By sharing certification badges with colleagues, clients, and their social network, individuals may confirm their knowledge and demonstrate achievements. To serve our advertising customers and their demands, we are expanding our course portfolio and certifications.

Our goal with the training console is to educate all of our customers on the areas that are important to them so that they can use Amazon’s marketing tools effectively. All of the new training modules, from measuring solutions to advertising ideas, excite us.

Here are four things to be aware of regarding the learning console and Certification Program:

1. It’s suitable for people of all skill levels. New advertisers will learn easy strategies for selecting keywords, establishing budgets that match their goals, and launching effective ad campaigns, while more experienced advertisers will discover sophisticated tactics for improving their performance and spending. The Topics filter has three difficulty levels to pick from while looking for activities: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You’ll also get course recommendations to help you get through the material. For the time being, you can obtain certification through Sponsored Ads. The test includes both sponsored ad kinds – Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Ads – but excludes Product Display Ads, which are exclusively available through the Advertising Console. That makes sense; they obviously want as many people as possible to be able to obtain the certification and apply what they’ve learned. The test consists of 45 questions, and you will have two hours to finish it. To acquire accreditation, you have two chances to get a passing grade on the evaluation. If you’re concerned about failing, there are accreditation-specific courses that may be completed in a couple of hours if you go through each one.

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2. It is convenient for you. From a PC or mobile device, you can browse subjects and take individual courses to quickly learn new skills or complete learning paths on your own time. We will save your progress if you leave a course and you can pick up where you left off.

3. Certifications are available. We offer certifications under the “Get certified” section of the learning console that allow you to demonstrate your mastery of various topics. You will receive an Amazon Advertising digital certification badge for that topic if you complete a Certification Assessment. Don’t worry if you don’t pass! After 24 hours, you can retake the assessment, giving you time to go through the optional course material and your assessment summary findings to see which topics you need to go over again.

  1. 4. You can brag about your accomplishments. Your completion badge will appear in your learning console profile once you have passed a Certification Assessment. You can share them with your boss and on social media sites such as LinkedIn. This is my opinion, is just the beginning of what Amazon has planned for the learning console. When looking for activities, the Topics filter is a good indicator. Beginner, moderate, and advanced difficulty levels are available in the filter. There are currently no advanced lessons available to choose from. Furthermore, the filter offers an Accreditations option, despite the fact that there has only been one test thus far. Based on the popularity of this initial console launch, I believe Amazon plans to expand the console further, similar to Google’s Certification courses.
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Amazon has taken a significant step forward in assisting advertisers in adopting and successfully using their advertising platform. Giving marketers the ability to not only study how to best deploy Amazon ads, but also to be certified in them, would almost certainly increase overall console and advertising platform usage.


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