How To Tell If You Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

A Personal Injury Attorney

According to WHO, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.35 million deaths worldwide in 2016  and the number is increasing with each passing year. In addition, 20 to 50 million get injured every year. Looking at the statistics makes us realize why there’s a dire need for a personal injury attorney who can help victims get fair compensation for the loss they have encountered. 

Car accidents are one type of personal injury. There are several other types such as slip and fall, medical malpractice, use of defective products, etc, in which the wrong has been done to the victim and he is liable for fair compensation. But most of the time, people are not aware of their rights in such a situation and often let go of the compensation claim because of a lack of knowledge. In this blog, we will shed light on why and when you need a personal injury lawyer in your personal injury case. 

Types Of Personal Injuries You Need To Know

Before you can tell whether you need a personal injury lawyer or not, you need to understand the situations that fall in the category of personal injury and are liable for compensation. Following are a few types of personal injuries in which you can hire a professional personal injury lawyer like to assist your case. 

1.  Use Of Hazardous Drug

If someone experiences  MSL a strong reaction or side effect by using a drug, he can file a case against the drug company for compensation. A personal injury lawyer can help you in such a case. 

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2. Car Accident Injuries

One of the most common personal injuries in car accident injuries. If a person suffers car accident injuries due to negligence of another driver, he can file a claim of personal injury and ask for compensation of property damage and medical bills. 

3. Medical Malpractice 

Doctors are legally bound to provide their patients with the best care possible and abstain from any medication or treatment that will be harmful to the patient’s health. If you experience any negligence that affects your health from your doctor. You can file a case for compensation against your doctor for medical malpractice. 

4. Slip And Fall Injuries At Public Places

All public places are bound to provide safe places for citizens to walk in. If due to their negligence, someone gets injured either from the work in progress or use of substandard materials, they can file a case and ask for compensation to cover their medical bills. 

5. Injury From Someone Else’s Dog Bite

If you get injured from someone else’s dog bite, you can ask for compensation. In addition, you have the right to sue the person for not taking care of his dog’s actions because dog bites are taken under strict liability criteria. 

What A Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For You?

Once you know the types of personal injury, you can easily know when to hire a personal injury attorney for your case. But the question is how a personal injury lawyer can help you with your case? Following are a few benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer for your case. 

1. Professional Expertise 

Filing a personal injury claim is a tiring procedure. Hiring a personal injury lawyer who has professional expertise will help you to sort things out as quickly as possible. An experienced attorney has dealt with several such cases and knows how to deal with things. 

He can make sure you get the right compensation for your personal injury and make the right settlements for you. He’ll save you a lot of time and effort by doing things on his own. 

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2. Proper Medical Care 

It is always a wise idea to have your personal injury lawyer’s number next to your emergency contacts. In this way, if you’re in an emergency, he is the first one to be called and informed. Your lawyer can assess the situation right away and get you the right medical treatment that you need. 

Proper medical care on time is essential for fast recovery. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will not only get you the proper medical treatment you need but also take care of filing the compensation case. In this way, you can focus on recovery and he’ll do the rest. 

3. Ensures Legal Coverage

At times the offended party demands a compensation claim to take benefit of the situation. In such a scenario, a personal injury lawyer will provide you with legal coverage and get you the fair compensation you deserve. He’ll gather all the evidence to put a strong case up and you can win. 

In addition, you can get your compensation faster. Insurance companies take several weeks to months to proceed with the case. Hiring a professional attorney will reduce your burden of paperwork. He’ll deal with such situations with professionalism and get your personal injury claim faster. 

4. Better Negotiation

The personal injury lawyer has years of experience in his field and he can help you with better negotiations with the opponent party. It often happens that the opposition party tries to settle the case outside the court with low compensation than what you deserve.

 In such situations, a personal injury lawyer knows how to negotiate on your behalf and get you the right compensation for your injuries and property damage.

5. Source Of Support 

It’s not necessary that every time you will get the right settlement. In that case, the next step is going for trial. Trials are not easy and demand professional assistance to go through. In addition, it takes time to proceed which is frustrating in situations when you’re yourself recovering. 

Hiring a professional personal injury lawyer will take all the burden and keep you calm in the entire procedure so you recover better. Moreover, you’ll get the support and professional help to deal with the case smoothly. 


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