How To Turn On Instagram’s Dark Mode?

How To Turn On Instagram's Dark Mode?
How To Turn On Instagram's Dark Mode?

One of the most frequently requested features of Instagram over the years has been dark mode, and now it’s finally here. Instagram quietly rolled out the feature on both iOS and Android on October 8th. And using it couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is make sure you download the latest version of Instagram and that your iPhone is running iOS 13 and your Android phone is running Android 10.

Dark mode on Instagram respects the system-wide dark mode settings on both operating systems, so the second you switch to dark mode in iOS 13 or Android 10, your Instagram app will also switch to dark mode. There is no way to toggle Instagram’s dark mode on and off in the app itself.

How To Turn On Instagram's Dark Mode?
How To Turn On Instagram’s Dark Mode?

Get familiar with the Dark Mode

Dark modes have become very popular in recent years, thanks to their ability to blacken interfaces, thereby reducing any strain on your eyes and simultaneously saving your device’s battery life.

As a result, companies like Google and Apple have begun to release system-wide dark modes across their operating systems, and even app developers are updating their apps with support for dark modes. In this case, Instagram has updated its app so that it can leverage the new native dark mode support in iOS 13. Here’s how to get it.

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One follows the other

 Instagram’s dark mode is responsive to the iOS or Android system settings. If you have dark mode enabled on your device, when you get the new Instagram update you should see that the app automatically switches to a black background with white text.

Twitter’s iOS app, however, works differently: you can set it to correspond to system-wide dark mode settings or you can enable dark mode manually.

 How to enable Dark Mode on your iPhone and Android

 To enable dark mode on your iPhone, go to Settings, then Display and Brightness and select Dark.

There’s also a toggle to enable Automatic mode in which your iPhone will change to dark mode at night and go back to light mode during the day. To enable dark mode on your Android device, go to Settings, then Display, then Advanced and then select Dark from the Device theme menu.

How to turn on Dark Mode on Instagram

  •  To enable system-wide dark mode on iOS 13 and thus on Instagram: Go to your Settings app, tap Display & Brightness, and tap the Dark button.
  • To enable system-wide dark mode on Android 10 and thus on Instagram, as well: Go to your Settings app, tap Display, and tap the Dark them button.

How to turn off Dark Mode on Instagram

You’ve tried the Dark Mode and you don’t like it. No worries, we understand that the Dark Mode is not for everyone. Here’s how to disable it.


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