How to Use Credit API as a Bankruptcy Attorney


There are more productive approaches to spending your time than the manual entering of credit trade-line data for any of your cases involving bankruptcy. With Credit Reporting Services, you can effortlessly and efficiently gather and obtain consumer credit data you need on bankruptcy clients and debtors straight into your platform. Further, you can produce credit checks for bankruptcy clients in just minutes. With Credit Reporting Services, you no longer need to waste your time on manual credit checks. Whether you are an attorney representing the creditor or the debtor, procuring reliable and trustworthy consumer credit data is an essential step in the bankruptcy process that is often mundane, tedious, and takes up a great deal of time. But, Credit Reporting Services provides you with automated credit checks. Doing so allows you to lessen the time you need to track down and obtain reliable credit data and makes it less time-consuming to draft bankruptcy documents.

What Is the Integration Process Like for the Platform? 

Here, we will go over the standard steps if you are considering using credit API as a bankruptcy attorney to automate bankruptcy credit checks that you need to do.

  1. First, you will need to book a consultation appointment. All of the experts at Credit Reporting Services have a minimum of 20 years of experience and industry knowledge. They will take you through the features for integration and teach you about the installation and activation of the platform. 
  2. The next step involves you gaining access to instant credit data. You can acquire and retrieve many data streams and reports through a purposeful online portal or have them merge and integrate into your software platform effortlessly.
  3. The final step is you now have more free time. Therefore, with this additional time you now have freed up to spare, you will also have more time to take on more people’s cases. You will have more time to complete your workload. You can make the whole bankruptcy process as seamless as possible for any of your clients with the Credit Reporting Services plug-and-play CreditAPI.
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What Is Included With Credit Reporting Services?

  • With Credit Reporting Services, as a bankruptcy attorney, you can receive reliable data sources via your access to the three credit bureaus as a soft inquiry credit report. Specifically, this includes either FICO® or VantageScore models. You will also receive all the necessary information to counsel your clients and file the most precise and accurate bankruptcy paperwork.
  • Credit Reporting Services provides world-class support if you are a bankruptcy lawyer seeking services from the platform. They give a committed representative, along with emergency customer support. All team members are experts, with over twenty years of industry expertise and knowledge under each of their belts.
  • You can quickly integrate the complete portfolio of credit reports and data services into your CRM (customer relationship management) platform or any third-party CRM, such as DebtPayPro, if you get Credit Reporting Services and are a bankruptcy attorney. Credit Reporting Services can also produce a simple-to-access web portal devoted to your team so you all can rapidly, efficiently, and seamlessly access consumer credit data.
  • Another significant feature that getting the Credit Reporting Services platform will provide you with as a bankruptcy attorney is comprehensive reports. The bankruptcy credit report covers full trade-line details, balances, creditor names, and detailed information. This detailed information will help you recognize and pinpoint relevant and applicable trade-line information, details about the bankruptcy process, and the validity of any bankruptcy documents a person has filed with the courts.

Why Use Credit Reporting Services as a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Credit Reporting Services provide you with access to their industry-leading CreditAPI and finally put a stop to the mundane and time-consuming manual data pulls you otherwise need to complete. You can take on significantly more cases as an attorney with instant and reliable credit checks. There is currently a strong demand for bankruptcy attorneys, but there is only so much you can take on and manage wholeheartedly. But, with instant automated credit checks, you can free up a significant amount of your time and your team’s time, meaning you can handle a more substantial case workload and help more people with their bankruptcy cases.

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