How to use Filters on snapchat while video chatting

How to use Filters on snapchat while video chatting
How to use Filters on snapchat while video chatting

In this golden age of technological advancement, communication has become simpler and more exciting. But have you thought of enhancing your looks while having a video chat or a video call?

This is should not be a conundrum due to the fact that you might have overlooked filter tools in this great video communication programs and Video Editing Softwares.

With a couple of clicks or finger taps on the app’s interface, you will be surprised to learn video chat with filters enliven and perks up this form of communication.  In this pragmatic article, we delve deep on how to video chat with filters on one of the most frequently used applications among many users around the globe, Snatch

How to use Filters on snapchat while video chatting
How to use Filters on snapchat while video chatting

Just a few simple steps away

From one-on-one chat, you can also indulge in a lively group-chat with an abundance of filters. Before getting to enjoy this, setting up a foundation that is installing the Snapchat app and having a reliable data network preferably Wi-Fi is the key. Here’s how to Snapchat Geofilter Templates.

Step 1 – After installing the Snapchat app, tap its icon to open. Then click on the “Log In” button to enter your credentials and sign in.

Step 2 – Open your profile by scrolling down on the “Camera Screen”.

Step 3 – Access settings to open a menu window which will enable you to turn on filters.

Step 4 – Slide down and hit “Manage” preferences.

Step 5 – From the manage preferences window, slide to the right filters switch which in turn will turn green. And you have successfully enabled filters!

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Step 6 – To access a video chat tool, open chat conversation with the person you intend to converse with.

Step 7 – Initiate a video chat with filters by clicking the video button. After which the other individual on the other side of the video call will be notified in accordance with his/her Snapchat notification settings.

 Step 8 – After the video call has been received. Scroll up to your screen, tap and hold. Icons will pop up to the right of the camera button.

Step 9 – Now, scroll through the available effects and click to apply.



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