How to use parental controls on an Amazon Fire tablet?


Amazon has included excellent parental controls in its Fire tablets. It’s one of the reasons we recommend them so highly as kids’ tablets. If your child has multiple devices, say a phone and a Fire tablet, then you might prefer to use a dedicated parental control package like Qustodio.

This not only allows you to monitor and adjust the settings on your child’s device via your own smartphone, but also covers a range of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and of course Amazon Fire tablets.

But in order to use Amazon’s parental controls that are part of the Amazon Fire tablet features, you’ll have to create a profile for each child that will use the tablet. Here we’ll explain how to use parental control properly to restrict the content your child can access and also limit screen time so they can use their tablet between certain hours.

How to use parental controls on an Amazon Fire tablet?
How to use parental controls on an Amazon Fire tablet?

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How to use parental controls on an Amazon Fire tablet

1. The first thing to do is to go to Settings and tap Parental Controls. You’ll find Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen when the tablet is unlocked: look for the cog icon.

2. Tap on it then tap on Parental Controls. Tap the toggle switch and you’ll be asked to choose a password. Make sure you write this down somewhere since if you forget it, you won’t be able to reset it and the only way to get around it is to completely reset the tablet and start from scratch.

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3. When the password is set, parental controls are turned on and you’ll see new options on the screen.

4. Near the top is a section titled ‘Restrict Access for this profile’. If you’re not currently signed in as a child, use the instructions above to switch to a kids’ profile.

5. Then, tap on Amazon Content and Apps and choose what you want to block.

How to limit screen time on an Amazon Fire tablet

It’s great to be able to choose exactly which apps, games, books and other content your kids can access, but not if they’re glued to their screen the whole time. Fortunately, you can limit the amount of screen time they can have. To do it, simply follow the steps ahead.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the home screen, tap on Settings, then Parental Controls.
  2. Tap Set Restricted Access to enable it.
  3. Now tap on Restricted Access Schedule.  Here you can set when the child can’t use their tablet. This is the only area where the controls are a bit limiting as you might want to set more than one period, but you can’t.

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