How to Use Science To Increase Work Efficiency?

How to Use Science To Increase Work Efficiency?
How to Use Science To Increase Work Efficiency?

Dr. Sahar Yousef, a cognitive neuroscientist at UC Berkeley, is undertaking research on cognitive enhancement which is associated with the human brain and better consciousness.

The training facility she helped develop has helped to improve focus, memory, energy levels, motivation, stress management and the productive capacity of high-performers.

“I didn’t want to just know it [the human brain],” Yousef tells. “I wanted to explain a phenomenon called neuroplasticity. That’s how the brain evolves and undergoes adaptation. Specifically, I wanted to know more about cognitive enhancement.

Is that how can you make the brain boost? How can you make the experience of an average human better? Increase and develop human performance or cognitive performance in a subtle way? That’s very interesting to me. It’s a part of science fiction.

How to Use Science To Increase Work Efficiency?
How to Use Science To Increase Work Efficiency?

How do we make smart people smarter? I was committed to being a scientist for the entirety of mt life and added to this pursuit, the pursuit of knowing and developing new methods of reaching out to people become better, feel better and just understanding this amazing piece of machinery.”

With a decade long overall research and management experience, Yousef has been undertaking work as a strategy consultant, a product manager, and a UX researcher.

She makes specifically designed training programs by developing scientifically correct techniques and efficient habit-forming systems to in fact change the ways in which people, teams and organizations participate.

This is done through extensive workshops, training boot camps, consulting and coaching.

Now, along with managing her firm she also teaches and delivers speeches at various events like the Adobe 99U Conference, giving people information on how to conduct work more efficiently.

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More power to her, the world needs independent and fierce women leading the scientific revolution to understand the human mind better. In that way, the world we move forward along with humans as species.


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