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Online gambling has become more dynamic and with the rise in the number of Online Cricket Betting ID, more gamblers are recruited every day. You may be a new online slot taker trying to adjust his or her gambling techniques for a better gambling experience. If you want to improve your chance to win at online slots, but you still do not know which are the best slots to play, then you are not alone.  

This article will give you exactly what you need to know about online slots and winning. Instead of focusing on the generic tricks, this article gives you among the best proven tips that players use to improve their odds anytime they select games to play at EkstraPoint and other gambling platforms. 

Let’s look at the top ten online slots secrets on how to win:

1. Stop When You Win

To win at online slots may be addictive and it may give you more drive to continue playing. However, we advise that you monitor your starting balance and stop any time you get ahead of it. 

2. Games Developer

Just like any manufacturing job, slot games developers considerably vary from one another. The quality of one slot will therefore greatly differ from the other specifically because they are not from the same developer. This is the reason why paying attention to good games developer is more likely to pay back with huge returns. 

3. Smaller Jackpots

To win at online slots offers you two unique types of jackpots – network and local. A network jackpot is one that pools money from the various participating online players from different online casinos. The jackpot is also referred to as progressive jackpot because it leads to an ever-increasing mega jackpot. It takes longer time to create these bigger jackpots which means you can end up spending a fortune without ever winning a cent back, if you are not lucky!

On the other hand, local jackpots are those attached to a specific casino and the money is generated by players taking the same slot game. 

Because all online slots are not created equal and slot machines do not pay same rates, we recommend you play local jackpots for better chances of winning. However, they may be offering very small jackpot wins, local jackpots are better than progressive ones where you compete with large groups of people with much lower chances of winning. 


4. Deposit Bonuses

Nobody hesitates to pick up just any free money! And this is what “no deposit bonuses mean” for every online slots player. While it gives you the chance of winning real money, no deposit slots also increase your chances of getting more and more free online slots. Just remember that any time you win a first free slot, you may be required to make a deposit before you can be allowed to cash out your winnings. 

5. Competition And Bonus Turnover

The rise in the number of companies offering online casino gaming is alarming. This results in a huge number of them offering goodies such as free spins and casino bonuses all of which are good opportunities for grabs. If you are still thinking about how best to win, this competition is one of the best avenues one can easily use to grab a win and reap big. 

While taking advantage of the bonuses however, you need to carefully look at their turnover requirements. This is the multiplier which states for every bonus the amount you are required to bet before the bonus can be cashed out. This is sometimes 10 or in some cases even higher than 100. Take advantage of bonuses with low turnover rates to increase your chances of winning. In addition, look for casinos that do not place any limits on the maximum cash outs you are allowed to make on every bonus you win. 

6. Know Which Slots Are Worth It

Knowing which slots are worth playing is a step towards improving your online slots wining chances. If you have been playing a particular slot for a long time with nothing to count from it, then it is the right time to move on. 

Because every new spin is considered a unique event, spending much more money on an online slots machine will not give you more winning chances on that particular slot. However, the Random Number Generator ensures that every spin you make has a fair chance of winning.

7. Stop Loss Strategy

You do not want to empty your bank account chasing loses. The best way to put a cap at this is to come up with an overarching figure that guides your loses. Whether you are playing one or more games, set a limit on every slot. The other way is to split loss limits across several spins. This also helps you set a more responsible gambling. 

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8. Check Pay Tables

Crosschecking the various online casino play tables gives you an early overview of each and every slot while you learn which are the best games to play. The minor variation between the different play tables will automatically make a difference on your payout. 

9. Play For Free

You can only learn your way into becoming a pro online slot player by playing games more severally. Taking advantage of online casinos which give you opportunities to play for free is therefore a great chance to learn to play without spending a cent before you can start playing with real money. 

10.Free Spins

A good number of these are spins offered to new players in form of welcome bonuses. With the increasing competition, every online casino wants to bait new and old customers to their play site. This is the reason why they offer a number of free spins to every guest and some of these are also made available to returning customers. 

No real player will take a chance with a free opportunity to take a free spin and still have a chance to win real money! However, survey the site to be sure that all these free spins are really free before you try them. And, as a rule of thumb, always ensure your read and understand all the related terms and conditions attached to the free spins bonuses before you register to play. 

This guide is therefore meant to give you a free turn around that is expected to completely change the way you select and play online slots. It is therefore more important to understand and know how to pick a slot machine than just guess when a slot machine will be able to hit. The best machine for slots is therefore one with a correct combination of limits, volatility, return to player and casino bonus. 

Always remember to play real money slots only while looking at the stakes and payback percentages. While a good number of experienced players recommend selecting a good slot machine as the best trick to winning, as a player, be sure to play the money you can afford to lose only. 


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