Huawei Mate 30: Series Launched Without Google Apps similar to US Sanctions Bite-Full specs and details


Huawei is making history! The company is coming up with its version of Android, the basic code of which is the be provided by Google. 

The mate 30 phones by Huawei is supposed to run on an open-source Android. The phone is to come hand-tied with an amazing four-camera system and the starting price is EUR 799. 

The flagship was launched recently. However, all is not hunky-dory for the Mate 30. This otherwise amazing phone will not have popular Google apps like Chrome and YouTube. Thanks to the interference of the US sanctions, the Mate 30 lost its customer appeal. 

Huawei debuts phone without Google apps as US sanctions bite ...
Huawei debuts phone without Google apps as US sanctions bite …

However, there are some other grand things that Huawei is offering. The Mate 30 is powered by a 5G network, running on a cool open-source platform developed by Google. The phone’s operating system backed by Google comes with pre-installed popular apps. 

However, Mate 30 does not have the Google App Store installed on the phone. The tragedy does not end here. The new phone will not have Google Maps, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Assistant, and Gmail. Now that makes the situation grim. Most of these apps are very important and used by many on a daily basis. Not having these very popular apps installed in the Mate 30 will instantly bring down its acceptability to a great extent. 

As per Nikkei Asian Review, the Mate 30 is going to be the first smartphone to launch without Google apps. Naturally, this will cause a major blow to the company sales figures on a global scale. As per popular reports and predictions, a drop of 10 million units has been estimated. 

The Mate 30 is supposed to provide users with a 6.7 inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90-Hz. The model is to have triple cameras at the back with a 40 MP sensor. Such a camera system will offer a 5X digital zooming facility. Additionally, the phone will include a 4400 mAh battery and a 55w charger. 


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