Hugh Jackman Causes Meltdown On Instagram! Shares A Unseen Photo Of Wolverine From X-Men


Jackman played Wolverine for 16 years. He ended the character in LOGAN in 2017.At comic-con, Kevin Feige confirmed that the MCU version of X-Men is on the way. Fans are begging to take back Hugh Jackman back for the role. While other actors like Taron Egerton and Daniel Radcliffe has also been suggested by fans.

We love the Aussie actor as he shares some interesting posts on his Instagram “Why would you do this to us, Hugh Jackman!”. Sometimes, he takes a dig at Ryan Reynolds,

With the help of Jake Gyllenhaal, on other occasions, he shares videos and photos from his musical performances. But today
Hugh decided to cause a social media meltdown when he shared an unseen picture from his days as the Wolverine. Hugh decided to take on “throwback Thursday” and left everyone sobbing.


However, it seems like Hugh was in the mood to walk down the memory lane as he shared a picture from the sets of his X-Men movie. In the picture shared, Hugh is seen suited up in his Wolverine outfit, flaunting his claws while Ralph Winter and Lee Cleary are seen standing beside him.



Hugh Jackman recently posted an unseen photo of Wolverine on his Instagram. “Two unsung heroes of the early years” he quoted. The death of Wolverine in Logan left a few chances of its return.
The actor may reprise his most admirable role of Wolverine. With this new post, fans went on begging Hugh to return. Fans want to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the MCU version.
The photo shows Hugh Jackman in full wolverine costumes. On either side of him are producer Ralph Winter and Lee Clearly.
However, no announcement of the actor for this role has been the announcement by MCU. But fans demand Hugh Jackman back for this role.

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