Hurricane Dorian updates: Storm hits the Bahamas; Evacuations ordered in US


Hurricane Dorian Updates: Storm hits the Bahamas, evacuations ordered in the US.

The Bahamas was hit with category 4 storms. Hurricane Dorian created an extreme Destruction on the Bahamas. Five people were reportedly dead on Abaco Island. People are ordered to evacuating those areas. The storm surges rose 14 to 18 feet above normal tide levels.

The Hurricane Dorian hit Bahamas and Abaco and now is expectedly moving towards Florida shores. Hubert Munnis, Prime Minister of Bahamas said that police confirmed 5 deaths. He said that the Bahamas is in the midst of historical tragedy. He added that their focus in on the search, rescue, and recovery. The storm has created immense destruction in the Bahamas.

Many homes, business buildings, and other infrastructure have been completely or partially destroyed. Downtown Grand Bahamas is less than three feet of water, which includes hospital and PM’s office.


Rescue teams aren’t able to work because the Storm hasn’t moved passed the Bahamas. The hurricane is stationary now. The hurricane winds swirled at 145mph. The hurricane is slowly moving towards Florida. Grand Bahamas has a population of about 77,000 people. These people have a continuous fear of the hurricane.

The weather forecast head said that the hurricane has started moving north. They have been waiting for this. This will give relief and time for rescuing people in Grand Bahamas. The people of Grand Bahamas are running out of drinking water.

The water systems have been destroyed. The food warehouses were flooded too. The aid workers somehow have managed food for about two weeks. According to reports about 15% of the total population consists of children. Less than 10% are elderly.

Many people posted pictures of their disastrous condition and videos showing the rise in the water around there houses. This is a disastrous time for people of the Bahamas. They need to be rescued and recovered.


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