‘Hustlers’ review: a wild story told well

'Hustlers' review: a wild story told well
'Hustlers' review: a wild story told well

Hustlers make us think of America as one huge strip joint: There are various people tossing around rupees with abandon, and there are individuals dancing.

Jennifer Lopez’s character says that they are all hustling, with authority, in a role that commands this women-in-control film in a way that some entertainers could pull it off.

It is a classic movie-star point for Lopez, and it might even be an award-winning performance by a woman who has got such praise in the recent past for films including “Out of Sight” and “Selena.”

'Hustlers' review:  a wild story told well

From her arrival, three minutes into the film — taking the strip-club scenario and working the pole to an extent that will leave men and women together with jaws dropped — Lopez is the woman who controls, displaying such attractiveness that you sometimes do not remember other people are on the screen.

Writer, as well as director Lorene Scafaria, orchestrates this inspired-by genuine true story of ex strippers in New York who, after the 2008 financial problem that crashes their Wall Street clients, find a way to manage by aiming, and fleecing, those similar characters who helped to fleece all the others.

That is a simple explanation of their scheme, which is way darker in nature, and Scafaria tells a narrative of drugs, theft, sex, and even more drugs in a way that plays like a female empowerment Goodfellas.

Just like that Scorsese classic named “Hustlers” tells us how one person barges into their line of work which is followed by all the weird moments, all the crimes that are done and the absurd friendships that form.

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And it is all in the name of women who are living lives on their own conditions without relying on a man.

Constance Wu of “Crazy Rich Asians” is the main focus of the movie as Destiny, an underprivileged, uneducated woman who fits as the sex-worker and single-mom story about trying to survive the pocket in the strip-club culture.


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