‘I can’t talk’: BC teen leaves American Idol judges speechless

'I can't talk': BC teen leaves American Idol judges speechless
'I can't talk': BC teen leaves American Idol judges speechless

The American idol is continually searching to find out the next star in savannah. Very excited, the brain stammered out of after spencer- smith finished. The Georgia, Wisconsin, California, and Oregon on all-new episodes Sunday march 1(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on ABC.

Now, the Laurent Spencer-Smith to belted out an incredible rendition of pink leaving Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie stunned with incredible vocals. Mainly, you can guess from quite a vote and all three judges voted without hesitation.

In 2015, Lauren sang the Adele/Bob Dylan song( make you feel in my love) as well as the former American Idol judge Keith urban. For instance, you did a great job of making very intrigued by you

'I can't talk': BC teen leaves American Idol judges speechless

 The virtual stage of the competition and heard to Lauren’s voice. Then, you have God-given talent on pretty added. He is 28 years old raised in the stark country moving to Nashville in 2014.

Moreover, you have received support and positive from everyone and it is very excellent. It is also possible to receive a golden ticket. It is a suitable situation for home for Spencer-Smith following her audition. After, the smith should be now head to Hollywood to continue on her American Idol journey with a hope to return to Canada an American Idol champion. 

The judge said can’t talk, the luke Bryan listens to performance. In the previous year, The love is Sunday on American idol and Katy perry returned to building on Orlando Bloom proposed to her on Valentine’s Day

 The three judges cannot find too many critiques after 16 years old and her concluding note. Well, you are gifted to fighting fit beyond your age include said, Richie. Most importantly, you will continue to be going down that road and you could make little happen on this show.

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Then, he may be watched to check out know about think impressed with the teenager, he shared the audition on Twitter. Now, the Lauren think you have such a God-given gift and received to the golden ticket on risky facts to a unique rendition of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”,


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