Ideas to Design the Double Bedrooms According To Your Personality

Bedroom Idea

According to interior designers, designing a small room may appear a bit challenging, but if done after research you can and with the stylish and practical outlook. The good thing about a double bedroom is that you need less of everything, most important of all you require a few furniture items only. Whether you like a comfortable and restful environment or a luxurious and hotel-like bedroom, theirs is nothing much you need to do. Follow our guide given below & design the bedroom according to your dreams.

Cozy and sophisticated bedrooms

Cozy and sophisticated bedrooms

Couples commonly use double beds for their easy availability and affordability. And the best place for your bed is the center of the accent wall. And maximize the space around the back; you are advised to tuck the bed against the wall or a corner. This will not only create a secure sleeping area but also help you feel snuggly and cozy. But some people may feel more like a college dorm so you can place the bed anywhere, most probably in the center of the wall opposite to the entrance door for a finished designer like look.

Once you are done with the bed’s position, the next step is to choose appropriate double bedding for it because there exists a wide range when it comes to bedding and not its entire premium quality or suitable for daily use. For regular use, you are advised to go for, or a gel mattress combined with a mattress pad and fitted sheet, followed by a luxurious topper, two standard size pillows, two accent pillows, and an accent cushion.

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Some people may argue that they need a flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet whereas others may like to use both, so there is no hard and fast rule which kind of bed skirt you should go for instead it is a matter of personal preference.

White color is traditionally used to paint for walls because it creates an expensive and practical outlook no matter whether the room is small or large. It keeps your space look spacious and combats the absence of large wall or glass Windows necessary for brightening up the interior. But if you are afraid of trying all white, you can opt for textured white on white walls or add Chrome lamps to transform the interior into a stylish one.

Tropical style bedrooms

If you want to add summer and spring vibes into your room, you can easily make it over with vivacious tropical charm. All this can be done by updating your bed sheet to a relaxing and calming one. For an overall matching look, you can match the cushions and the topper. To achieve this look successfully prefer white and pestle hues only.

Do not overdo the wall and try to keep it as simple as possible. Avoid using too many wall accessories, or they’ll become the focal point of your place instead of the bedding you are putting so much effort into. For an outstanding summer look, follow the following ideas

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Chic art bedrooms

Chic art bedrooms

If you are a bubbly person and a big fan of art you can make your room appear as well. Fill up your room with small wallpapers having cartoon and advertisement style prints in various colors. Other than abstract paintings, cratonic artwork seems very special and injects a sense of spirit and excitement to your place. Follow the tips given below to create a chic, artistic room;

  • Use modern and colorful wallpaper such as your favorite movie character or a Hollywood personality on one of the walls you want to appear as an accent one.
  • Use relevant accessories to that of the character or person to design the rest of the room.
  • Choose the white and vivid color to maintain the dynamic yet simple look.
  • Don’t use regular furniture if you want to put a sense of style.
  • Use multiple picture frames having colorful high-quality pictures


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