What You Need to Do Immediately When You Have Been Robbed

You Have Been Robbed

No one wants to lose their possessions, and no one wants to feel compromised by having someone take things from them. It is not fun to be robbed, and you need to know the best way of dealing with things when someone has taken items that belong to you. When you have been robbed, it is important for you to know what steps you need to take to start making things right and get back to living normal.

Get to a Secure Location:

If you are out of your home when you are robbed, get to a safe location where there are other people around. Make sure that the one who robbed you is not following you and that they are not going to do anything to you. If you are at home when you are robbed, do what you can to secure your home after the robbery has taken place and to make sure that your family members are all safe. Security is important after a robbery, and you need to look out for your life even more than you need to look out for your possessions.

Report What has Happened to the Police:

As soon as you can get in touch with the police department, you need to reach out to them and let them know what happened. The sooner that you contact the police department, the more likely the police are to find the person who robbed you and to get your things back before they pawn them off. Let the police department know what went down and where everything happened. Let them know if items such as your driver’s license were taken so that they can take steps to keep those items from being misused. Be as open as possible when talking with the members of the police department. If you feel that you might need help recovering from what happened, or that you would feel safer if they were to patrol your neighborhood a little extra following the robbery, ask them for assistance.

Make a List of All that Was Taken from You:

It is important for you to know what was taken from you so that you know what you need to replace. You also should know what was taken from you so that you can get help from your insurance company and so that the police know what they need to look for. You should take a moment to go through everything in your head and figure out what you are missing. If your purse was taken, think about all that you had in your wallet and anything else valuable that might have been in the purse. If it was a designer purse that was actually valuable in itself, write that down.

Contact Those Insurance Companies that Cover the Things that Were Taken:

After you know what you are all missing, then you can reach out to the insurance companies that cover some of the items that were taken. If you had the robbery happen while you were in your home, you may be able to get help from your house insurance company as you seek to replace all that was taken. If you had your vehicle stolen, you may be able to reach out to your car insurance company. Know who is covering the items that were taken from you and reach out for help so that you can replace everything and go back to living normal.

Let People in Your Area Know What Happened:

It is important for you to let those around you know that a robbery has just taken place. If you are in a store when the robbery happens, let an employee know what is going on so that they can help others look out for themselves and secure the building. If you are at a park, let those hanging out around you know what happened. The more people that you talk to, the more likely that you are to come across a witness who saw everything go down and who will be able to help bring about justice.

Cancel Your Credit Cards:

It is important for you to cancel any credit cards that were taken from you right after they were taken. You do not want someone to go out and charge things in your name. Get in touch with your credit card companies and ask them to cancel your cards and send you new ones. Let them know that you were robbed and that there may already be charges on your cards that were not made by you.

Replace Important Items that are Missing:

You are not going to go out and purchase new items to replace everything that was taken from you right away, but you do need to get set up with a replacement social security card and some other replacement items. If your keys were stolen, you will need to have new keys made. If your checkbook was stolen, you will need to be in touch with your bank and you will need to order new checks. It is important for you to get set up with a replacement social security card and other important items like that as soon as you can so that you can live your life as you normally would and keep a source of identification on you when you are out and about.

Figure Out Steps for Moving Forward:

Life can feel scary when you have been robbed, and you might be scared to go out in public again after you have had something bad happen to you while away from home. It is important for you to figure out how you are going to move forward and for you to get help as you move past the robbery. You should talk to your friends about what happened so that you can work things out in your head. You should figure out different things that you can do to avoid being robbed in the future. You need to figure out what your new normal will be and how you are going to move on with your life after a robbery.

Know that You Can Get Past a Dark Situation:

Know that not everyone is bad, even when you have been hurt by someone. Know that not all strangers are out to get you and that not everyone is going to take something from you. Be smart in the decisions that you make in the future, but also know that the dark time that you are in right now is not going to last forever and that you will feel free and safe again one day.



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