Importance of sports in the education of students

Importance of sports

Participation in sports plays an important role in the effective education of the students. By adopting any sports activity in the lifestyle, students foster several personality development skills such as effective communication, collaboration, leadership, and confidence. Proper health and physical growth and development of the students are also ensured. Let us discuss the importance of sports in education and what steps teachers can follow to encourage students towards sports participation. 

Importance of sports activities to students 

  • Broadens scope for career 

Many people have a wrong assumption that career opportunities and jobs are limited to the academic subjects that we learn in schools and colleges. Many times, parents force their kids to choose the fields such as medical, engineering, accountancy, economics and to pick up competitive exams only. Even if students are not interested in these, the stereotypical societal pressure makes them do this. 

Lack of passion, and interest affects their career jobs. But with the help of sports and physical education, career opportunities for learners have increased. The students who are interested and enthusiastic about sports can make it a career. Sports teachers, players, coaches, etc are a few such examples.

  •  Teaches team working and collaboration

Most of the sports activities are played in teams. Volleyball, basketball, cricket, badminton, tennis, and many other sports make students play in teams with one another. Today not only in academics and classrooms but also, the quality of teamwork and collaboration are demanded in future jobs as well. 

Through sports participation, students can foster these skills. They learn how to think together, listen to each other, exchange information, make conclusions, and work together to achieve common goals and objectives. With collaboration and teamwork, interpersonal relationships, cooperation, empathy, and goal accomplishment all are enhanced in students to a great extent. 

  • Physical and mental fitness 
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Sports is also a form of physical activity. Any form of physical workout helps to keep the body fit and active. Along with this, mental well-being is also ensured. A healthy mind and body have better work effectiveness too. 

  • Reduces stress levels 

From regular studies, exams, and a lot of learning material to practice, stress and pressure have become a common problem with students. But with participation in sports, students get a break from study pressure. Playing, meeting friends, and teamwork improve the mental health of the students. This helps in reducing stress levels too. 

  • High academic performance

With participation in sports, the academic performance of the students is also enhanced. With an active mind and body, students concentrate on their studies better. Also, the increase in collaborative and communication skills, class participation, and academic results of the students are enhanced. 

How to encourage students in sports activities: tips for teachers 

Organize games period 

In a classroom timetable, we have classes for all the academic subjects one by one. In the same way, teachers should organize games classes for students as well. Once or twice a week organize theory classes for physical education. Here, a physical education teacher would teach the main topics about sports and health education. Along with theory classes, practical experience is also very important. Make students practice sports activities of their choice by organizing sports periods for them. By using an ERP system, teachers can manage the classes well for conducting sports classes too. 

 Make sports participation compulsory 

Many students are reluctant when it comes to participating in sports. To ensure their effective health and academic performance, teachers should make sports participation compulsory for students. You can give students some options to choose and select. This way students can play the sporting activities which they like and want to learn, play. 

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Spread awareness 

Many students are not interested in sports activities. They keep themselves occupied in other leisure activities such as playing video games, using social media, etc. This affects their mental and physical health. The academic results of the students are affected too. To make students overcome this problem, teachers must spread awareness among the learners about the importance and advantages of sports in their lives.

 In online teaching, physical education classes can be conducted for this purpose but practical classes cannot be conducted via an education app, therefore teachers must make students aware of playing sports. Ask their parents to encourage their participation in sports and outdoor activities. 


By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the big contribution that sports play in the education of the students. There are several benefits of sports to the learners. From physical fitness, high academic results to a great future career too. We also discussed a few tips which teachers can use to encourage student’s participation in sports. 



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