Importance of Web Animations

Web Animations

Nowadays,importance of web animations increases as it is very important in the world of the Web to attract users to the wanderers of the game portal. For these purposes, the site design is trying to make it interesting using various techniques. Website animation is one of such tools that makes it possible to revive the site and interest the visitor in the most interesting objects of this site or page. But there are cases in which the animation can play not on your side, make the site, on the contrary, rejecting.

In what situations will the use of animation be justified, and in which – senseless?

The relevance of website animation effects is achieved in the following situations:

  1. Improving the visibility of the site. In cases where it is necessary to provide graphic materials of the site from different angles, Web animation is the best option. For example to advertise a product in an online store, it is possible to use animation. It shows the product to the buyer and gives a clear idea of ​​the possibilities.
  2. Ability to change site objects for web page animation. All kinds of changes in the properties of objects when you hover the mouse over them, will give clarity to your site. For example, when you hover over an object, you need to highlight certain information (advertising). In this situation, you cannot do without animation.
  3. Create a design that grabs attention. You can create any object on the site that you want to pay the most attention to. For example, on the site, you need to highlight the service, information or data that are of the greatest importance to you. This function is the most important in the field of using Web animation.
  4. The most common website animations are the use of graphic images in the .gif format and flash animation elements.
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Gif-animation on the site

Gif animated website designs is the simplest type of web-animation. The browser does not need to load third-party plugins and extensions to display graphic elements in the .gif format. In fact, gif-animation on the site is the introduction of graphic elements into the design of the site. It sequentially changing pictures, each of which has its own time interval. Due to the use of images optimized for the web in the gif-movie, it has a relatively small size and does not affect the “weight” of the page when loading the site. The use of animated .gifs on the site does not require a constant connection between the site and the server, since the animation files are uploaded to the page once.

The main disadvantage of using the .gif format as a web animation is a complete lack of interactivity and a relatively low level of animation quality. Unlike flash technology, gif-animation does not allow creating realistic videos with “smooth” interactive effects.

Flash-animation on the site

Flash technology today is one of the most used for the development of full-fledged resources and special effects for sites with animated website design.

The use of flash-animation on the site is irreplaceable in cases when the appearance of the site is in the first place. And its main purpose is to attract attention and create a positive style image. On sites created using flash technology, the main emphasis is placed on the visual perception of the resource by the user, and, secondly, on its functionality.

The main functional capabilities of flash technology are the creation of interactive areas of the site and individual animated videos. Aldo its the implementation of the connection between the site and the database and XML support, the integration of audio and video clips into the resource pages, and access to applications in real time.

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If you decide to use web animation, then immediately determine where it is needed on the pages, and where it will only overload the site’s visualization. For sure, webpage footer would be effective instrument. It should be clearly defined that web animation should attract, not repel.


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