In What Conditions Should You Go for a Window AC?

Conditions Go for Window AC

As modern air conditioning systems are being produced, consumers often forget the benefits of window ACs, and why people used to invest in them. In this article, we tell you why exactly they were invested in, and if they are still worth the purchase, and In What Conditions Should You Go for a Window AC.

  1.       Energy Conservation

Compared to central air conditioning, window ACs have higher energy efficiency ratings. If living in an environment with the right temperature that requires low maintenance is your go-to condition while purchasing an air conditioner, then window ACs are the right choice for your investment. There are two terms one must bear in mind while ensuring their window AC is good at conserving energy, namely, energy star rating and energy efficiency ratio (EER). Energy star certified appliances are guaranteed to be a lot more energy efficient than the conventional window ACs, and in some regions, consumers are also offered rebates when they purchase an energy efficient appliance. The differentiating factor between such a model, and a conventional window AC is that it consumes 10% less energy than other air conditioning models, and costs less too. It was introduced by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to encourage individuals to be more climate friendly and save more. The EER shows you for each watt of power consumed, how many BTUs are utilized. It is recommended that for the best energy and money saving appliances, investing in EERs that are at a minimum of ten are essential. A rule to keep in mind while looking at the EER is that the higher the EER, the higher the energy-saving properties the appliance will hold.

  1.       Cost Friendly
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Window ACs are mostly known for their ability to go easy on your pockets. Both their initial expenditure and monthly operation is affordable. Before purchasing a window AC, it is imperative to find out the tonnage you will need to cool down your room, and the size of the room that requires the cooling. BTU computations have become fairly simple, as BTU calculators can be easily found on the internet. The conventional rule of thumb is: the larger a room, the greater the BTU and hence more tonnage, and the greater the initial cost investment of the window AC. Of course, the cost of the window AC is highly dependent on the features and the brand that you invest in.

  1.       Spacious Rooms

Window ACs do not take up any floor space, and thus, are mostly purchased by individuals living in studio apartments. Since it is built to fit in a box-like area like a window on the outskirts of your room, it mostly does not interfere with the daily activities you conduct in your room as well, and mostly looks invisible. Central and ductless air conditioning are the only other types of air conditioners that offer the same benefit to a consumer, but are comparatively very expensive. Lock-in costs such as installation and maintenance costs (cleaning expenses) can add to the burden on your wallet.

  1.       Simplicity in Installation Procedures

Installation procedures vary depending on the brand you invest in, and the in-built features the window AC possesses. Installation procedures can be quite troublesome when you have limited time, but the instructions that come along with the window AC box are quite straightforward. This straightforward process also costs you less, as you will not have to necessarily invest in a handyman. Window ACs are mostly sketched to fit inside double-hung window frames, and custom-built wall spaces. Installation procedures would generally require you to accurately measure your wall and window.

  1.       Miscellaneous
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Window ACs nowadays come with virus deactivation technology that actively gets rid of any bacteria and fungus that comes through the vents. The Blue Star air conditioner also comes with high-energy efficiency rotary compressors and operates as an air purifier in the winter. The 5-star Blue Star window air conditioner has in-built ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), and a turbo cooling system. Some of the window ACs are further aided by R32 eco-friendly refrigerants, and inverter technology, which has reshaped the air conditioning landscape. The inverter technology also accounts for exceptional power savings properties.

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