5 Simple Ways to Incentivise Worker Productivity

Incentivise Worker Productivity

Keeping your team motivated to work to the best of their abilities is crucial to the future success of your company. With your employees performing at their very best, your business will operate more efficiently, increasing productivity significantly. As a business owner, it’s important that you put strategies in place to incentivise your employees to be more productive in their work. 

When it comes to motivating your team to perform at their best, there is no shortage of strategies you can implement. From bonus schemes to flexible working hours and improving the working environment with additions like a quality coffee machine rental, you can encourage your employees to be more productive in their role in the business. With your team working seamlessly together, you can start making greater strides towards achieving your business targets. 

Let’s take a look at five simple ways that you can incentivise worker productivity to get the most from your team.

Introduce A Bonus Scheme

A clearly outlined bonus scheme is a highly-effective way to incentivise your employees. From holiday-based bonus schemes to annual performance-based bonuses and smaller monthly bonuses to award those team members who have exceeded expectations, monetary bonuses are one of the most effective ways to motivate employees, for businesses who have the budget. 

Offer Flexible Work Hours

Your employee’s time away from work should be valued. If your team members are happy in their life outside of work, they will be more productive in their day-to-day work tasks. Nowadays, more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home, allowing team members to have more flexibility in their day. With more flexibility, your staff can create a schedule that works for them, meaning less stress and more productivity.

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Order In Lunch

To give your employees something to look forward to, why not order lunch into the office once a week, or even once a month. Make things more exciting by allowing the top-performing team to choose the restaurant. With something to get excited about, you will improve employee morale, make your team feel more valued and give your team a fun incentive to work towards.


Depending on the size of your organisation, offering a promotion can be a great way to incentivise your employees to be more productive. When a vacancy comes up, instead of offering the job to an outside candidate, why not choose the top-performer from your team to take the role. A promotion usually means a raise in pay, which will only further motivate your employees to work to the very best of their abilities.

Office Celebrations

Whether it’s a birthday, achieving a career milestone or reaching a performance target, celebrating these moments can help to keep employee morale up. Not only does taking the time to celebrate individual and team accomplishments improve staff morale but it creates a positive work environment that will ultimately lead to an increase in productivity. It might be something as simple as a birthday cake, a public announcement or after-work drinks but these thoughtful touches can go a long way to building a sense of ‘family’ within your team and helping your team to work more efficiently together.

Ensure Your Team Stays Motivated And Productive 

The future success of your organisation depends on the performance of your employees. It’s crucial that you find a way to motivate and incentivise your employees to be as productive as possible in their roles in your company. With each member of your team working efficiently together, towards the same goal, you can be sure that the future of your business will be nothing but positive.

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