India Acts to Secure Border During Land Dispute War With China

India Acts to Secure Border During Land Dispute War With China

India acts to secure border by building troops around the area after further attacks by China. Currently, both the forces are armed with nuclear weapons, and there is news of the death of an Indian soldier. According to regional officials, India is strengthening its hold over the border. Their troops seem to be quite substantial even in terms of their infrastructure along the western part of the Ladakh border.

On the contrary, the number of troops is higher along the eastern border around Arunachal Pradesh. It is the same that Beijing is fighting over, claiming that it is South Tibet. Over the last couple of days, a vast Chinese troop of the People’s Liberation Army is trying to counter-attack. They have made several attempts to make a forward movement along the southern banks of eastern Ladakh’s Pangong Lake.

As India acts to secure border, it has successfully countered several significant attacks. Therefore, critical strategic points along the mountain ridgeline are still under the control of India. However, the Army condemns the provocative military movements, as described by the regional officials. The same is responsible for the violation of the present consensus for disengagement.

China’s constant retaliation while India acts to secure border

China replies to the reports stating that they are all untrue. According to Chinese officials, India is trying to twist the version of events. They are saying that India is continually trying to trespass illegally and violate its territorial rights. The LAC (Line of Actual Control) is the border under dispute, and China denies the death of any Indian soldier here.

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Afterward, India accuses China of continuing with its provocative actions by marching forward. According to Indian officers, the Chinese troops are trying to creep into areas under the Indian military. Presently, soldiers of both countries are fighting each other very close, despite discussions of disengagement.

Martyrdom of Tibetan soldier does not receive due respect

The members of the Tibetan parliament-in-exile reveal the news of Nyima Tenzin’s death. He was a Tibetan descent, Indian soldier, and SFF’s regiment leader. SFF, or the Special Frontier Force, is a special army branch that guards the Himalayan border. As per reports, Tenzin died in a mine blast near the Pangong Lake. Therefore, it is evident that the Indian military is getting full support from the SFF. The soldier’s body was then taken to the Leh district of Ladakh. His wife and children stay in a Tibetan camp where his last Buddhist rituals were completed.

Tenzin’s death is the first since that of the 20 Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley during a massive confrontation. The confirmation of Nyima Tenzin’s news has not yet come from the Indian Army because they rarely interfere in the issues of the SFF. On the other hand, another member of the Tibetan parliament-in-exile Namgyal Dolkar Lhagyari says that he is upset. According to him, it is a shame not to acknowledge SFF soldiers’ martyrdom because they are Tibetans.

Lhagyari believes that there is the least respect for these soldiers’ sacrifice because of their Tibetan origin. Besides, China knows how to politicize everything, and so the Indian government is scared. He adds that Tibetan soldiers like Tenzin have immense love for India and its government. While India acts to secure border, several others like Tenzin can lay their lives for the country. Despite several months of diplomatic and military-level discussions, the war does not seem to end soon.

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