What are the high-paid career options in Information and Communication Technology?

information and communication technology
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Information and communication technology has entered the career industries at a global level for a decade now. The sector has been complemented with different job opportunities for technical experts with world-class Knowledge of the artificial intelligence industry. From marketing to consultancy, sales, and development, all kinds of options are available.

information technology
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But, since the ICT or Information and communication technology industry is pretty fresh for the current generation, job seekers find it challenging to pick an ideal career option to stick with. It is also crucial to note that the ICT industry is filled with eternal job roles with specific qualification requirements. Hence, we present the best high-paid career options in the ICT industry that have long-lasting scope ahead in the future. 

Software Engineer: Upto 92k USD/annum in Information and Communication Technology

To begin with, software engineers are the significant conquerors of the industry. Nowadays, several new and advanced software(s) enter the web world to offer convenience to the users at the global level. Hence, the scope for software engineers in the ICT industry is relatively high. Apart from software engineers, the range for software developers, architects, and programmers is equally eminent. So, here’s what you must know before sitting for an interview as a software engineer. 

Qualification required for software engineer: 

  • B.Tech or B.E. – Educational background (specialization, software engineering)
  • The candidate can also hold an educational background in computer science or I.T…

Technical skills:

Whether fresher or experienced, job positions like a software engineer or developer demand high-end practical Knowledge and skills in the following fields: 

  • C++ and other programming languages
  • Java, C, and JavaScript
  • .NET and SQL
  • HTML & C#
  • Also, jQuery
  • At last, NET Framework

Apart from these skills, during an interview for a job related to software engineering, the interviewers focus on the following subjects: 

  • Practical workplace problem scenarios and possible solutions from your end. 
  • Also, Data Structure and Algorithm
  • Data analytics and reasoning skills
  • Further, Coding and codebase debugging procedure
  • Effective communication skills

What companies look for software engineers and developers? 

To begin with, companies like Google, HCL, IBM, Amazon, Intel, and Cisco hire software engineers at large volumes for their branches all over the world. 


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What is the average salary of a software engineer? 

According to the statistics of information and communication technology PDF official, the average salary of a software engineer is as follows in different countries: 

USA: 110000 USD per annum

India: 15 to 20 lakhs per annum

Canada: 52 USD per hour | 156 000 USD per annum

Australia: 91000 USD to 164 000 USD per annum (depending on experience)

Germany: 60 000 Euros per annum

Dubai: 124, 000 UAE Dirham per annum

U.K.: 18 000 Pounds to 70 000 pounds per annum

Japan: 50, 00, 000 Yen

What are the job duties of a software engineer? 

  • Check and enhance the performance of software regularly. 
  • Keep in touch with modern technology trends in the industry and upgrade applications as per the new norms.
  • Design and implement new updates for the users’ ease. 
  • Maintain codebases and upgrade codebases as per the results of regular reviews.
  • Impart the ideal implementation idea to the software designer. 

Business Analyst: Up to 78.5k USD per annum 

As the term “business analyst” suggests, it is an individual who analyzes the business at the macro scale. In order to examine the performance of a business, a business analyst also uses company data at large. To begin with, a business analyst holds the complete authority of making suggestions that may help the business to enhance somehow. For example, a business analyst focuses on business procedures, systems, models, products, services, and whatnot. 

Qualification required for Business Analyst:

  • Post or Undergraduate Degree in any field. 
  • Specification like MBA in Business Analytics (optional)
  • Big data and analytics course certification (optional)

Any eligible candidate can start a career as a business analyst. However, a specific educational background will help you achieve the goal faster and effectively. 

Business skills required for this job: 

  • To begin with, Knowledge of the industry or business domain at a higher level
  • Big data analytical skills
  • Also, Microsoft Office Excel
  • How to negotiate with clientele?
  • Practical Knowledge of SQL(s)
  • Programming languages like Python
  • Above all, Data visualization and forecasting.
  • At last, Effective communication

What companies look for Business Analysts? 

Companies like Accenture, McKinsey and Co., Deloitte, Flipkart, Ernst & Young, and Amazon hire business analysts as their companies are at a large scale. Thus, the database is also large. 

Information and comm.
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What is the average salary of a Business Analyst?

USA: 78519 USD per annum

India: 5, 27, 712 INR per annum

Canada: 66414 USD per annum

Australia: 82100 Au USD (depending on experience)

Germany: 50294 Euros per annum

Dubai: 2,20,000 UAE Dirham per annum

U.K.: 43, 100 Pounds to 50 000 pounds per annum

Japan: 5, 658, 005 Yen

What are the job duties of a business analyst? 

  • First, the Identification of business objectives.
  • Also, Resolve business problems.
  • Further, Provide lucrative solutions.
  • Comprehend with major clientele and shareholders of the company.
  • Moreover, Keep in touch with the development team to resolve problems with the applications and software.
  • Recommend new ideas for the software and provide feedback on the current layout. 
  • At last, Build data and visualize it for the company to understand their strengths and weaknesses. 

Technical salesman: Up to 107 000 USD per annum

Technical sales are one of the top job positions in information and communication technology. As this industry mostly focuses on the distribution or sales of technical products or services, companies demand technical sales executives to sell their products or services at a national or worldwide level. One of the major duties of a technical salesman is to describe to their clientele how the product or service is used? How will it contribute to their business or daily lifestyle? And so on. The major goal of technical sales executives is to sell the product or service and complete the sales target. 

Info and comm.
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To begin with, a technical sales executive is one of the highest paying job positions in the industry because the executives receive commission checks (per sale), yearly bonus, compensation to complete sales target, an employee of the month, overtime opportunities, and other benefits. 

Qualification required for Technical salesman:

  • Postgraduate in Business Administration, B.A. or Bachelor of Commerce, B.com. 
  • Other degrees may also work if the candidate has major Interest or experience in the given field. 

Skills required: 

  • Complete control and Knowledge of technical products or services
  • Also, some Interpersonal skills.
  • Further, High-end communication skills to keep the customer interested.
  • Computer knowledge and software skills (at a basic level)
  • Also, Interest in travelling to various locations and exploring their culture.

What is the average salary of a Technical salesman?

USA: 107238 USD per annum

India: 4, 50, 000 INR per annum

Canada: 51500 USD per annum

Australia: 84081 Au USD (depending on experience)

Germany: 66k Euros per annum

Dubai: 118704 UAE Dirham per annum

U.K.: 70k Pounds per annum

Japan: 790, 000 Yen

What are the job duties of a Technical salesman? 

  • First, Bring new customers and accelerate sales
  • Also, Maintain existing customers. 
  • Travel to new locations and spread awareness.
  • Further, Demonstrating the benefits and directions to use the product or service. 
  • Recommend customers to update their account for convenient upgrades.
  • Moreover, Handle purchase order and receipts.
  • Follow-up and meet sales targets
  • Also, Join product training workshops and courses. 
  • At last, Focus on customer-company relations.

Computer Network Architect: Up to 142 610 USD per annum

The scope for computer network architects in the ICT or Information and Communication Technology industry has taken a high place. To begin with, computer network architects are the data communication network builders who design and maintain these networks. To become a computer network architect, both business planning and technical skills are crucial. The reason being, computer network architects, also create conclusions by analyzing the communication network channels and recommend how to use them for the company’s benefit. 

Qualification required for computer network architect job position: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, or
  • B.Tech or any other degree in the related fields.

Skills required: 

    • To begin with, Evaluate the company’s current network needs.
    • Further, Design and develop data network systems.
    • Plan and also implement new network systems and maintain their performance
    • Moreover, Develop storage systems.
    • Lastly, Troubleshoot data network and communication systems regularly.
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What is the average salary of a computer network architect?

USA: 109020 USD per annum

India: 18, 79, 322 INR per annum

Canada: 107 718 USD per annum

Australia: 94, 154 Au USD (depending on experience)

Germany: 88k Euros per annum

Dubai: 249, 180 UAE Dirham per annum

U.K.: 95k Pounds per annum

Japan: 3180000 Yen

What are the job duties of a computer network architect? 

  • Design an appropriate and 100% convenient network system as per the size of the organization
  • Further, Develop, design, install, implement, and comprehend the computer data communication network. 
  • Time-to-time upgrades the existing network system for better performance as per the modern norms.
  • Also, Maintain and examine network equipment regularly for uninterrupted performance. 

What are other career-options in information and communication technology?

Information and communication technology is a combination of I.T. and communication networks. Meaning, the blend of information technology in the sources of communication such as telephones, computer, the internet, wireless networks, etc. Hence, job positions for which the scope will be very in the future are: 

  • Network engineers
  • System and software testers
  • Technical consultants
  • Also, Cybersecurity specialists
  • Data centre technician
  • Hardware engineer
  • I.T. Managers, and
  • Software developer

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