Inside the Strangest Celeb-Run Businesses


We love watching celebrities do the unexpected. Shows like Punk’d and Dancing With The Stars highlight just how much the general public loves to see a star thrust into a new situation. The easiest way for stars to let their fans behind the curtain are through social media… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

One of the most common ways for celebrities to dip a toe into both business and fan engagement is through selling some of their most infamous outfits or props. This type of memorabilia is usually tied to a charity or another event. Along with selling memorabilia from major films, famous musicians are also apt to capitalize on their most infamous moments… or just bizarre fan interests.

When looking at some of the oddest band merchandise ever hawked to fans, axes, telephones, coffins, and minotaur plushies. The idea is to give fans the unexpected—even if it’s unrelated to the musician or group’s overall theme, like the axe, which was launched after Justin Timberlake released the single ‘Livin’ Off The Land’.

But what about other celebrity pursuits—especially those more focused on business? With so much disposable income, many stars decide to launch a business and start a new path as an entrepreneur. With plenty of investment and star power to draw on, most pursuits are a success. Others, on the other hand, are outright weird. Keep reading for some of the strangest celeb-run businesses ever to exist.

Venus Williams & V Starr Interior

What do throw pillows and backcourt shots have in common? Venus Williams is a professional in both. Back in 1994, Venus and her sister Serena took the world by storm, helping catapult interest in tennis around the world. During her rise to fame and place in the Top 10 WTA rankings, Williams decided to invest in her own interests. In 2002, she launched V Starr Interior.

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Williams began working with those in her network, which included other sports stars from the NFL and NBA. Williams serves as a design manager, overseeing her titular looks that are known for graceful extravagance. Now, the firm is working with AirBnB to create Niido, a residential community. 

The Rock & the XFL

The Rock isn’t short on business ventures and pop culture appearances. However, one of his biggest business moves is about to take off in Spring 2023. The Rock, along with ex-wife Dany Garcia, bought out the NFL competitor league under their group Red Bird Capital. Now, they’re in charge of relaunching the twice-failed American football league across the US and Canada.


Sammy Hagar & Cabo Wabo

Sammy Hagar, AKA the Red Rocker, is known for heading Van Halen and Montrose. Known for his punk rock musical style and likable personality, Hagar has seen plenty of success since his music heyday in the 1970s and 80s. In fact, he was one of the first celebrities to launch his own drink brand—which he and his bandmates then turned into the Cabo Wabo franchise in 1990.

Cabo Wabo is a nightclub and restaurant chain with locations throughout Southern California and Nevada. The chain is known for its near-failure upon launch, but has since become known for being a fun romp… if a little trashy. 

Kate Hudson & Fabletics

Known as the daughter of Goldie Hawn and as one of the most famous rom-com actresses of the 2000s, Kate Hudson is one of the US’s Hollywood sweethearts. However, she hasn’t been on the silver screen in a while—and that’s because she’s focused on Fabletics, an athleisure company.

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As of 2022, Hudson retains around 20% stake in the hugely popular chain, which is worth around $500 million. Since she launched the brand in 2013, she has primarily served as its brand ambassador. 




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