Instagram Live video download is possible & simple

Instagram Live video download

Instagram users publish the most valuable and live content as Lives. This clip is something that cannot be filtered; bad fragments cannot be cut out. Usually, Lives are aimed at increasing profile activity.  After all, preparation for a Live session begins long before the onset. Influencers warm up the audience so that the people are as involved in Live. Also, with the help of being online, they can perform direct sales jump starting this conversation with subscribers after learning on Instagram Live video download. 

Sometimes, watching a Live video, you may be very sorry that you cannot save this video forever. However, this is not entirely true!  A video saver Instagram can help you export a video or even a Live from a user account. 

Live can be saved in the profile and it will be visible as the Highlights. If you use a special downloader, just insert a link to a user or their nickname. Then the tool will offer you the option to parse this content from a social network  library. 

A detailed guide on Instagram live video download

#1 Find available Live

And in order for this video to be downloadable, you need to find the Live of the user whose profile is public. 

Also an indispensable condition for downloading is that it should be currently available online on this profile account. That is if you know that Live took place, or at the present moment it is going on, you can save it. 

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Otherwise this stream will no longer be possible to download in any way. But most often for Instagram influencers filing a Live can be difficult that they keep it available. So that the rest of the followers can watch it. 

Therefore, if you did not have time to be present on the stream, don’t worry!

#2 Open a web downloader 

Toolzu is a proven service that allows you to aggregate content from social networks for free. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok videos contain a bunch of useful data. And also you can download Live from Facebook and use these streams for further posting. 

How can you recycle the downloaded Live?

  • If you are managing a business account, then perhaps in someone’s Live with experts or in the question and answer section, you will see exactly the fragment that your audience may be very interested in. 

Therefore, after downloading Live, you have to do a little work on the video editing and leave only the part that may be of interest to your followers. 

  • The second way to use Live is to creatively convert it to text. Especially if you have found any interesting interview or a Q&A, this can be top information for your audience. Indeed, often in articles you can find already outdated or reworked information. While during a Live session with experts, people share the latest relevant information so that it is actually interesting to the audience. 

Therefore, if you find an educational Live, try to convert it to text. Then you can post this text on Instagram, and even split it into several posts. If you have a blog, you can make an article out of this video. 

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In order to make text out of a video for free without much effort, you can open it in a browser and click on play. In another tab, open Google Docs voice input. When the person on the recording pronounces the text, you will see how smartly Google Docs itself will type this text under dictation. Next, you have to work a little on this text, edit it and the article or your publications will be ready.

All in all 

Well, the most important thing you should remember is to always download a Live instead of trying to make a screen recording. If you just want to share these clips with your friends, then maybe this will be a faster option. But if you are professionally involved in the IG promotion, or creating content, then it is unacceptable to reuse content that is recorded from the screen. 

Perhaps someone won’t notice the difference. But some users may think that you are using a video that is of poor quality. This will affect your profile aesthetics. 

You can now know that downloading a Live is not a problem. And your task is to track as soon as hot influencers conduct a Live with experts. Be sure to try downloading this Live through the downloader. And feel free to use this unique content that you can’t find anywhere else – you can post it on other social networks. But in this case, indicate those people who are present on the video and mention from where you downloaded this clip.


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