Al Monjazeb owns highly-rated car dealerships in the Pacific Northwest area. As you’ve known, if you want a luxury performance vehicle of international caliber and seek to patronize a dealership with a proven track record for premium choice and superior service, The Jaguar Bellevue is your top Shop.

This is why we’re excited to introduce Al Monjazeb; the owner of one of North America’s oldest and most experienced Jaguar Land Rover dealers. 

The rise to the top and why and how Jaguar Land Rover Bellevue is the top dealer in the region serving drivers throughout Kirkland, Seattle, Redmond, Tacoma, and Beyond.

Beyond the business scope, this article will also address who he is when he’s not working, his family, hobbies, and values.

Who is Al Monjazeb?

Al Monjazeb owns the top-rated car dealerships in the Pacific Northwest area. He is the owner and President of the Jaguar and Range Rover dealership in Bellevue, Washington. 

He has vast experience in the automotive industry. Boasting over 25 years working and serving in the industry, he has held leadership positions, including President at Jaguar Seattle, Land Rover Seattle, and BMW. Al Monjazeb bought The Phil Smart Inc. Mercedes-Benz dealership in Seattle.

Al Monjazeb has an unquestionable passion for customer service, which is apparent in his vehicle’s proven track record. He is dedicated to providing outstanding and noteworthy performance for every client. There is no discussion about his car dealerships without referencing the exceptional customer service.

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Brief Background of Al Monjazeb Career

Like every young man, Al Monjazeb started from the days of humble beginnings and built a fruitful career. He is an avid follower of cars and derives satisfaction from reading about cars’ history. His burning desire for cars and anything related was a key component of his successful career.

Outside the business scope, as a means of giving back to society, Al Monjazeb is a philanthropist and gives donations to life-changing causes through proceeds from the sales of cars.

As a man who has daughters and grew up with female siblings, he reaches out and donates to foundations supporting or empowering girls. For instance, he is a regular donor to the Mona Foundation, whose mission is to support education for everybody and empower girls.

Charitable foundations supported by Al Monjazeb

Over the past few years, Al Monjazeb has donated to many charitable organizations to help attain their missions. He does this primarily by donating the proceeds from a car auction, especially when marking a special occasion.

In 2021, to mark the 20th anniversary of his Jaguar Land Rover Bellevue, he selected the very scarce 2022 Land Rover Defender 90 S, which has not been available in the US for 23 years and donated the proceeds from the auction to Mona Foundation. 

While speaking at the Live Met Gala after announcing the donation, he said, “Mona foundation has the mission to support education and empower girls, and this mission aligns with mine perfectly.” 

“I understand Monjazeb’s exceptionally generous Defender 90 S donation will assist in accelerating our auction goals in 2021,” said Mahnaz Javid, President, and CEO of the Mona Foundation.

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Similarly, AI Monjazeb raised about $55,000 for Seattle Children’s courtesy of his donation of profits from selling the one-millionth Toyota Tacoma produced.

With a philanthropic heart, AI revealed that immediately after he learned that his dealership had successfully secured the one-millionth Toyota Tacoma produced, his company understood that good fortune must be shared with the needy.

“I’m a father of two beautiful daughters, So Seattle Children’s is precious to my heart. We have donated to Seattle Children’s for over a decade. We want to further our donation with the profits of this beloved vehicle model. This is a gift I am both humbled and honored to give.” said Al Monjazeb after the donation.

Eve Kopp, Director of Development, Corporate Events at Seattle Children’s Foundation, said, “We at Seattle Children’s are thankful to AL, and his dealership do this huge donation of $55,000 in auction profits from the sale of the spectacular edition Toyota Tacoma to the hospital.”

 “We’ll split this proceeds between our Uncompensated cared fund and mental and behavioral health initiatives. Both will help provide care, cures and hope to Pacific Northwest patients irrespective of ability to pay.”

Other Charitable organizations that Al Monjazeb has supported in the past include;

  • Shriner’s Hospital, St. Jude’s, and Tacoma’s Children’s Hospital.
  • IACA, Iranian American Community Alliance
  • Lenny Wilkens Foundation & Golf Tournament at Newcastle
  • The Lion Whisperer Conservation

AI is not only a successful businessman but also a man who has prioritized helping people, especially kids, reach their potential and live the most fulfilling life possible through his donations.


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