Introduction to Aftermarket Bumpers


Bumpers do not just add value to your beloved truck, it makes it complete. A good, reliable aftermarket bumper is the perfect way to finish off a great vehicle. There are so many top class bumpers out there it is all about finding the right one. Fortunately there are quality brands out there that add strength and protection to your vehicle. Most aftermarket bumpers use great materials. For example, Ranch Hand Grill Guard is one of the greatest models we would recommend. With this bumper drivers can drive safely in the knowledge that they are in a safe vehicle. 

This type of bumper was established back in 1986, so you know the quality is in the experience they put into their bumper. They produce their bumpers with simplicity in mind as it is possible to fix their bumpers in a day or less. All you will need is the helping hand of someone else and a few simple tools and you are good to go. This company has the ebay welders in the world producing their bumpers day in day out. The great thing about Ranch Hand is that they employ welders and staff from Texas, everything is home grown. 

Features of Aftermarket Bumpers

When you are talking about protection and making your truck look like it can handle anything, the Ranch Hand does that everyday of the week. It is a beast of a bumper and will deal with debris, other vehicles, anything the road or the off road can throw at it. Some of the benefits of this quality aftermarket bumper is listed below.

  • Great protection
  • Looks like a beast of a truck with this bumper
  • Diamond plate steel gives it the ultimate strength
  • 4” 40 pipe is used so nothing can penetrate the vehicle
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But it is not just this aftermarket bumper that will give drivers peace of mind. The Dodge Ram 1500 bumper is another first class bumper that ticks all the boxes every time. This aftermarket bumper uses flat steel and the thickness is 2.5mm wingtube with a plate bumper of 3.5mm. The finish of this bumper is coated matte, that leaves your vehicle looking in excellent condition. When you purchase a dodge ram bumper it can fit 20 double row lights in it. Drivers will also be happy to know that the bumper comes with factory tow hooks. With this bumper comes a 2 year warranty which is not so common too. 

Pros of These Bumpers

We have created a list of benefits that you will get if you buy this aftermarket bumper for your truck.

  • Flat steel gives the vehicle a OEM look
  • It allows drivers to keep their front sensor lights 
  • A powerful look to the front of any truck
  • You can drive with this bumper knowing you are secure


As you can see with both of these aftermarket bumpers you are getting excellent workmanship with great experience. Both these bumpers are well worth the money you spend as they will give your truck years of good service. Take some time and check out these two models, you will not be disappointed with either of them. 


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