Investirex Review — Should You Start Trading with this Broker?


Investirex Review

One of the best companies in the whole industry, Investirex has many advantages compared to its competitors. While not without its faults, the brand has been enjoying the loyalty of thousands of international clients and continues to keep its track record clean. You will find a rich array of available financial instruments liberating and the number of good investment products inspiring. Many traders and conservative investors choose this particular brokerage service provider for their investment needs.

Investirex advantages

What makes this company great? The broker managed to stay competitive thanks to its constantly evolving list of financial products and excellent level of service that comes with distinct advantages to users.

  • Technological prowess. The web platform has a robust infrastructure and allows the broker to provide a truly multidimensional service. You can manage your portfolio, trade on several financial markets, invest money, and analyze price dynamics on a single website while having your personal information protected from cyber threats.
  • Customer support. You will receive assistance as quickly as possible. Reach out to the support team using any communication methods such as social media, live chat, and e-mail. Use the live chat to inquire about any issue. At first, you will be greeted by a bot, but you can call for a human operator at any moment.
  • Trading conditions. The terms of service are favorable for aggressive traders. Low fees coupled with flexible spreads allow speculators, scalpers, and day traders to make money on volatile assets. At the same time, you can choose the size of credit to control risks when entering leveraged positions.
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Investirex education

The broker provides a wide range of educational materials suited for novices and veterans. Beginners will be able to learn more about investing in general and obtain knowledge about financial markets. Veterans will find interesting strategies, new analytical techniques, and signals from experienced traders. In general, educational materials are extensive and cover everything that a trader must know to be successful.

On the other hand, we cannot stress enough the importance of learning more about the industry and trading. Attend webinars, visit special events, and read as much as possible. Don’t limit yourself to whatever the broker gives you!

Investirex mobile app

The mobile application has an in-built terminal, the same functionality in regards to the management of your portfolio as the web version, and more security features. You will be able to stay active and continue trading even when you don’t have access to your laptop. Note that the app is available on all mobile devices including iOS and Android.

Investirex trading terminal

The terminal is provided by developers specializing in market-leading solutions for financial institutions. Their software is used by trading agents, utility providers, news aggregators, and more. The terminal has excellent charting instruments and a wide range of indicators that allow you to build a solid strategy.

The terminal does not have some of the most popular technical indicators used by TradingView and MetaTrader4 enthusiasts. These terminals are fully compatible with this platform. You can use them to access the servers of Investirex. Use custom-made strategies and various plugins freely.

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Investirex banking

You can deposit and withdraw funds easily. The convenience of financial transactions is one of the reasons why so many people choose this broker over its competitors. Top up your balance and receive earnings using any of the following platforms:

  • Visa and MasterCard are useful when speed is your main concern. Deposited funds appear instantly and can be used for trading immediately.
  • Bank transfers are used to receive withdrawn earnings. It may take up to 5 business days to receive your payments, so account for this delay when requesting a withdrawal.
  • Payment systems may be not available in certain countries. However, if they are available, you can use some of them with promotions to get bonuses!


Investirex is a well-known provider of brokerage services in the FX industry. It is an internationally recognized brand that has thousands of loyal customers from across the globe.


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