IPhone 11 Event: APPLE Avoids Saying anything about ‘Privacy’


The love for iPhone

You hear iPhone, and you can feel the extra beat in your heart for a moment. No matter what, iPhone has a quality and a brand name, which is awe-inspiring, and people are amazed. Moreover, they crave to own one, despite it being highly-priced and none are pocket-friendly. 

But nothing is perfect and flawless. Recently, there has been a grave privacy issue with the iPhone in circulation. It had been claimed that personal data, name, email, pictures, Ip address, and many more personal and private data has leaked. 

The silence over the privacy issue

With so many negative claims doing the rounds in the past, 7-8 months, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, never mentioned the word privacy or anything related to privacy in iPhones at the iPhone 11 event. Everyone was expecting a mention of it and all the measures that will be taken or has been taken to curb the breach of privacy. But, strangely, there was total mum on the privacy issue from iPhone’s brand end. 

One of the features, Face time, was of potential danger and many hacks were conducted through them. This feature allowed the caller to hear the voice of the other person to pass through even before the call is received. The company was forced to put an end to this feature, thereby. Also, the company silently fixed some of the bug fixes which was allowing adulteration and infection in the iPhones.

The upcoming new features

In the iPhone 11 event, where everything was disclosed, announced and discussed the upcoming features in the next model of iPhones, there was nil mention about the privacy issue. Moreover, the word ‘Privacy’ was dodged completely. 

Features like triple camera, new streaming service and watches telling time are added.


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