IPhone11- The thing about Apple’s Big ‘ONE MORE THING’


The time of the year is back again and probably with a bang! The popular announcement for which everyone sticks their eyes out is finally here! We are talking about Apple’s Big ‘ONE MORE THING’. Yes, those three magical words that have every tech person going crazy as to what next now?

There are tons of leaks found on the internet from earlier this year about the product of the year at the biggest event—The launch of the new iPhone.
There were too many speculations about the software, hardware, model, technicalities, design, etc. all over the internet.

One more thing’ started off as a tradition due to the late co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had this magical enchanting quality that he could grasp all of the public attention directed to this event.

He was capable of making people ecstatic of what was to happen next and what was to come next! He would uplift the ecstasy at the end by announcing his ‘one more thing’, the new iPhone of the year. Once the richest man, Bill Gates who is the co-founder of Microsoft, also addressed this wonderful quality of Steve Jobs.


The launch event is said to bring out three new iPhones with them for sure. The successor of the previous models, iPhone 11 being one of them. Rumors have it that the apple watch series is going to be upgraded with better features. We can expect a new MacBook as well at the launch. Noise-free air pods are also in talks. We will get to have a number of iPad variants and some home pods for us too.

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Well, these all are speculations and we can never be sure of what would Apple surprise with us next. What is the next biggest, ‘One more thing’?
All we have to do is wait until the event to get our curiosities satisfied. Mark the Apple launch event day— September 10th.


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