Iran acknowledges a space rocket explosion at the space center, blames technical malfunction


Iran became witness to the rocket explosion at Imam Khomeini Space Center on Monday after being shown satellite photos last week. An official claims that there was a technical malfunction that caused the explosion.

Ali Rabiei, the government spokesperson offered the first explanation on Thursday morning about the explosion. It was followed by the satellite launch by the Islamic Republic which was highly criticized by the United States of America.

He also mocked at President Donald Trump for tweeting the picture of what appeared to be the after-effects of the explosion, taken by a U.S. spy satellite.

Iran acknowledges a space rocket explosion at the space center, blames technical malfunction

This has raised speculations regarding Iran’s space program because this explosion is the third failure. Rabiei ended up saying “this has been a technical matter and a technical error. Our experts unanimously say so.”

“The blast occurred at the platform and no satellite had at this point been moved to the platform,” Rabiei said. “It occurred at a test site, not at the dispatch site.”

Satellite images showed smoke rising from a launch pad on Thursday, what appeared to be remnants of the rocket. During earlier days, an image was posted which showed that the launch pad was painted blue. The photo posted by Trump showed a classified photo from American Intelligence Agencies.

The image also portrayed the damaged vehicles and damage done to the launch pad. In Farsi, it was written on the launch pad, “National Product, National Power.”

“The United States of America was not associated with the cataclysmic mishap during definite dispatch arrangements for the Safir SLV Launch at Semnan Launch Site One in Iran,” Trump wrote this in his tweet.

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Rabiei also criticized Trump’s idea of tweets. Iran has decided to launch the Nahid-1, a communication satellite, into space. Iran has started helping Europe too to sell its oils.


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