Alita Battle Angel | Will there be an Alita Battle Angel 2?

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In 2019, James Francis Cameron treated the international fan-following of live-action movies with Alita: Battle Angel. This dystopian anime feature film is based on the low-life and high-tech theme. It parades the characteristics of Japanese fictional video series attribute Alita. Indeed, it also includes the ideology of Battle Angel known as Gunnm in Japan. Gunm is the penmanship of Yukito Kishiro. To begin with, this cyberpunk American broadcast is original. The reason being it does not actually follow the original Japanese script and creativity. But, its brand-new storyline and American creativity have brought it to the high-end entertainment hubs. It won the heart of  crowd of anime lovers in millions.

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For the most part, after booming Alita Battle Angel into prosperity in cinemas and Big screen, fans are eagerly waiting for Alita Battle Angel 2. But, will there be a Alita Battle Angel 2? Let’s find out:

Will there be an Alita Battle Angel 2?

During this COVID-19 Epidemic, America is also facing a lot of problems as the complete industry is shut down. Thus, unlike other broadcasts such as Lucifer season 5, my hero academia next season, one piece, overlord, and the Handmaid’s tale on Amazon prime. Disney has not announced whether or not, Alita Battle Angel will be renewed or not. In the past few years, the world has not eagerly waited for an anime movie akin to Alita Battle Angel. 

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Well! Of course, this amazing anime movie features a whole different storyline. Thus, the fans appreciate the creativity behind the making of such an outstanding science fiction. Have you not seen Alita Battle Angel One? Don’t worry!!! We bring the best information that we hold. Thus, take a glimpse of what do we have for you:

What is the Alita Battle Angel storyline?

The story of Alita Battle Angel takes the viewers to 3000 years back. It begins when a doctor Dyson Ido finds a cybernetic organism. This female cyborg (robot) has a human brain functioning fine. The story opens in the present of the year 2563. The city was destroyed 3000 years ago during “the fall war” on the Iron City. Dr. names her after his own daughter who he lost during the war as Alita. There are other characters in the story such as Hugo who become friends with Alita. Hugo is a young man with a bigger and high-tech dream. Apart from this, Dr. Chiren, the Ido’s wife and Grewriska, the main villain of the story who triggers the fall far. 

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Hence in the movie, Alita first fights against the creators of the fall war. Further, she struggles to find out her own identity. She also struggles to fit into Dr. Ido’s thought of naming her after his daughter. Without a doubt, she finds about it mysteriously and leaves her jaw-dropping. 

Furthermore, to succeed in their mission, Dr. Ido and Alita along with Hugo are planning to visit Zalem. However, they come across the fact that only motor ball champions can go to Zalem. Thus, in the end, part of the movie, Alita runs for the motor ball and becomes the champion of the tournament. At the end scene of the movie, the protagonist, a.k.a Alita points her plasma-charged sword towards the Zalem. Nova watches Alita as she is waiting for Alita to attack. 

Who are all in the cast of Alita Battle Angel?

  • Rosa Salazar is playing the role of Alita, who Dr. Ido rescued suffering from amnesia.
  • Christoph Waltz is appearing as Dr. Dyson Ido. He is a well-known scientist with expertise in cybernetic organisms. He thinks of Alita as his own daughter. 
  • Jennifer Connelly is appearing Dr. Chiren, Ido’s ex-marital partner. She also has a master cyborg engineering.
  • Mahershala Ali is appearing as a Vector. He is an entrepreneur as well as a person with high-end criminal connections. Further, acts as the Nova proxy. 
  • Ed Skrein is playing the role of Zapan. He is also acting as the nemesis of Alita because of his growing arrogance and ego. He is also a hunter of cyborgs since the fall war.  
  • Jackie Earle Haley is appearing as Grewishka, who is one of the main villains of the story. 
  • Keean Johnson is appearing as Hugo, Alita’s romantic partner, and friend.

Furthermore, there is:

  • Lana Condor
  • Jorge Lendeborg Jr. 
  • Eiza González
  • Jeff Fahey 
  • Idara Victor 
  • Rick Yune 



In conclusion, Disney seems to no plans to declared Alita Battle Angel 2 in 2020. Even if the production decides to renew it, the shooting will take at least 1-2 years. Thus, up until 2022, there is very little possibility of release of part 2. Therefore, stay tuned!



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