Is angst-ridden poppy still an oddball?

Is angst-ridden poppy still an oddball?
Is angst-ridden poppy still an oddball?

Famous You Tuber, singer, writer and model poppy has become a center of attention in the entertainment industry. Poppy’s real name is Moriah Rose Periera and she is 1995 born. No doubt, she made her carrier amid various controversies. Her unpredictable nature gained worldwide attention but these are the traits that make her unique. Various allegations were made against this actress and singer. She was accused of spoiling the career of her colleague Mars Argo.

Mars Argo later filed a legal case against her but this does not seem to affect poppy in any way. Poppy lived her life in her style. Her ruthless and not confirming-behavior surely impressed everyone. Mars not only filed a restraining order against poppy but also her ex-boyfriend Titanic Sinclair. Mars Argo alleged that Sinclair along with poppy tried to ruin her career.

Mars Argo also attacked poppy and Sinclair by claiming that they tried to mimic her original style in their videos. According to her, they tried to create “Mars Argo Knock off”. She also alleges that Sinclair is a major culprit as he persuaded Poppy to commit the offense. This legal battle between two parties surely proved as one of the most controversial and famous legal battles of the YouTube world.

Is angst-ridden poppy still an oddball?
Is angst-ridden poppy still an oddball?

Another controversy that has taken the Internet by storm was a major fall out between poppy and Grim. Poppy accused Grim of bullying her after her collaboration for the track “Play Destroy”. She accused Grim and her team members of bullying her while working for the project.

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Poppy alleged that Grim does not want to release the song. It was later posted by Grim that she does not want to work with her anymore as she already leaked the song. Grim also claimed that poppy made her part of controversy which she never wanted to. No doubt, Poppy has gained a lot of negative attention but still, she got her fan following.

Her latest album “I disagree” is gaining attention for its rare and unique music. Her moving out from Nashville and settling in Los Angeles is a new major change in her life.


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