Is Birds Of Prey Connected To Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker? Fans are excited to know


The first teaser for Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn has arrived, and in the midst of all the goodness that is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, some people still have queries about the Joker.

Will the Joker be in the Birds of Prey? And is the new Joker movie at all connected to the Birds of Prey?

To tackle the question first, the answer is no. Todd Phillips’ Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix is an origin story about a Joker that has nothing to do with the DC Extended Universe or any of the events from the 2016’s Suicide Squad, to which the Birds of Prey serves as a sequel of sorts.

In Birds of Prey, Robbie reprises her role from the Suicide Squad. However, this time, instead of playing 2nd string to the male characters, Harley is living her best life post-Joker, who was played by Jared Leto in the film. Yup. The infamous clown couple has been broken up, according to the trailer.

Is Birds Of Prey Connected To Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker? Fans are excited to know
Are Birds Of Prey Connected To Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker? Fans are excited to know

It’s no laughing topic: Like many people his generation, Joaquin Phoenix has arrived at the decision that his comic book collection is no jewel mine.

Phoenix who is aged 44 says that he is disappointed that his comics are not more valuable who still has some pretty option issues, comprising Wolverine’s first appearance.

When you are a kid, a hundred bucks is like too much, right? He says he remembers reading comics, being very excited: ‘Oh, man, it is going to be worth 150 bucks!’ And then you are an adult along with a mortgage and you realize that all of your comics, it does not amount to much.

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The superheroes of his boyhood have become a huge business in Hollywood, although Phoenix is going in a very distinct direction with a fabled cartoon icon.

Director Todd Phillips’ keenly foresaw psychological thriller “Joker” (in theatres Friday) wonders that a real-world scenario gives surge to the mythical Batman villain.

That adversary comes in the way of Arthur Fleck (Phoenix), a worried Gotham City clown and stand-up comic mocked and molested for his unusual behavior and ghostly cackle.

Phoenix is the newest in a long line of film Jokers, joining the grades of Jack Nicholson who was in 1989’s “Batman”, Heath Ledger who was in 2008’s “The Dark Knight” and the Jared Leto who was in the 2016’s “Suicide Squad”.

But he does discover the appeal of the anarchistic antagonist – for performers and pop culture fans likewise – “curious” overall.

Asked about a recovery, Phoenix seems more clear than his director, having a smile that might not be Joker-Esque yet is still narrowly mischievous.

He says that early on in the procedure of shooting, they talked about other anecdotes and other possibilities but it is not really up to him. It was such a unique working occasion with Todd and he did not really want it to end. They would see.

“Margot knew that she wanted to tell a ‘Harley Quinn plus girls’ story,” Hodson said in an interview with the Total Film. “That was a kind of where she began with it. She knew that she wanted a girl gang. She wanted Harley to have some friends.”

Sounds to us like no Joker, no problems.

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