Is Dogecoin a safe investment?


Dogecoin, named after the Shiba Inu dog, has increased in value by 6,500% in the last year, but what precisely is it to grasp what dogecoin is and whether it is a safe investment possibility, it is necessary to first understand why cryptocurrency, beginning with Bitcoin, was formed in the first place.

Before investing in any crypto assets, one should become acquainted with the basic concepts of the crypto movement and the answers it attempts to give our society. Dogecoin is a fine pick if you want to make a quick buck, but if you want to learn more about the movement’s wider goals, you should check at other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is being introduced as an alternative to the current banking system

While there have been various attempts at digital money and e-cash prior to the 2008 financial crash, the story of Bitcoin begins primarily there.

In 2008, retirement assets were depleted when banks utilized mortgage-backed securities and rehypothecated collateral to construct an unsustainable house of cards


Market optimism faded when it became obvious that banks lacked the requisite capital to cover unsuccessful wagers. There was a tremendous migration of individuals selling their possessions. Those nearing retirement who were unable to wait for the economy to rebound lost decades of retirement savings.

As the slide progressed, it became clear that action was required to halt it and board the sinking ship. The question is, how exactly? There was a widespread belief that the banks were “too big to fail.” Regrettably, this was correct. The economy collapsed like a straw house when the bank’s derivatives of derivatives practice fell like dominoes. If any more banks fail, the global economy will suffer more.

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What is the route out of this quagmire? In a capitalist and free-market economy, government participation is vital. Government money was utilized to bail out the banks in order to stem the bleeding in the economy. Citizens were compelled to pay the burden as a result of these institutions’ rash judgments.

Deborah J. Lucas, an MIT Sloan distinguished professor of finance, came to this conclusion after studying all of the bailouts that occurred in the United States.

“The main beneficiaries, according to Lucas’ research, were large, uninsured debtors of major financial companies such as Citigroup and Bank of America. The majority of buyers are expected to be large institutional investors such as banks, pension and mutual funds, and insurance firms.”

Since its implementation, quantitative easing has decreased the dollar’s purchasing power and worth, particularly in light of the current rise in response to the pandemic.

M2 Money Stocks

Growth in the money supply reduces the purchasing power and the distance a dollar may travel, in addition to rising stock markets, property values, and goods and service prices. If you have a consistent salary or live paycheck to paycheck, you may find it difficult to keep up with rising prices for items and services that were previously affordable.

Cryptocurrency as a Potential Solution

This is when Bitcoin comes into play. Bitcoin’s purpose was to address a multitude of societal concerns regarding the way money is utilized, both technologically and philosophically.

To begin with, whose money is it in the first place? Is there a limit to how much supply can be produced? Which is better for producing inflation: expanding the money supply or boosting interest rates? Is it the responsibility of banks and brokerages to determine who has access to financial products such as bank accounts? Who exactly has the authority to dictate where and how individuals can spend their hard-earned money? What’s the deal with not getting the most bang for our buck?

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Previously, the government and central banks were meant to tackle these difficulties

Bitcoin has followed a new path. The Bitcoin community as a whole may be able to address all of the aforementioned questions. As such, it is a currency created and managed by the people, with no central authority.

Bitcoin, for better or worse, aspired to empower and empower anyone who desired economic freedom and sovereignty. Many people have argued that Bitcoin’s open nature and potential for criminal use outweigh its disadvantages. However, one may argue that Bitcoin’s total benefits much exceed its disadvantages.


So, do you believe Dogecoin is a good investment at It is up to you how much speculative risk you are willing to take on. The present growth of Dogecoin appears to be solely based on sarcasm and speculation. The question now is whether it can be sustained indefinitely.


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