Elder Scrolls 6 video game | Is Bethesda’s next big project delayed?

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The Elder Scrolls is one of the world-class series of video games. Its fans take high-end interest in game-based role plays. To begin with, on June 11, 2018, Bethesda Softworks and Game Studios launched the Elder Scrolls 6 trailer. However, after almost two years, there is no trace of its launch. Following such a delay in the launch, the fans have started to lose their interest in the video game. But, they still find some time to entertain Elder scrolls 5, a.k.a Bethesda’s project: Blades.

Do you know? As per the recent records of Elder Scrolls, there are over 15 million active players. If that’s not a game-changer for the entertainment industry, we can’t say what is! Now, these 15 million active players are eagerly waiting for the Elder scrolls 6 role-playing game launch. Thus, we have something to fill in the gap for you. 

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Furthermore, let’s view what Elder Scrolls 6 teaser look like:

What is The Elder Scrolls?

The Elder Scrolls is a free-form live-action role-playing game introduced and launched by the Bethesda production and Game Studios. In 1994, Elder Scrolls: Arena launched. In the game series, the gamers are taken to the world of Tamriel. For the most part, the Arena version of the game was a box-office level of a hit among gamers. Without a doubt, in the late 1900s, the passion for video games was not much evolved. Hence, for the elder scrolls team, it was a bigtime success.

Furthermore, in 1996, The Elder Scrolls 2, I .e.., Daggerfall released. In the next two consistent years, Bethesda Game Studios launched Elder Scrolls 2.1: Battlespire and The Elder Scrolls 2.2: Adventures Redguard. To summarize, the launchers examine the swift success of the game. Hence, from 2000 to 2019, The Elder Scrolls video game series has launched 20 free-forms of this game including the following:


  • The Elder Scrolls 3 (this comprises of 6 episodes)
  • Morrowind (2002)
  • Tribunal (2002)
  • Dawnstar (2004)
  • Blood Moon (2002)
  • Shadowkey (2003)
  • Stormhold (2003)
  • The Elder Scrolls 4
  • Oblivion 2006
  • Knight of the Nine 2006
  • Shivering Isles 2007

Advancement to Online version of the game

Moving on, in 2014, the first-ever Elder Scrolls Online game launched. Earlier than that, the game was playable on different third parties’ external devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, N-GaG, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. To the reader’s surprise, now, you can download the Elder scrolls latest release, i.e.Elder scrolls: blades on various operating systems. Supportive alternatives include Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. 


 Is the Elder Scrolls 6 delayed?

In the past few years, the Bethesda Game Studios and Softworks have launched up to 3 back-to-back series of the Elder Scrolls. However, after the launch of Blades in 2019, the fans are still on-the-wait for the sixth part. Has the Elder Scrolls 6 been delayed?

To summarize, the Bethesda team declared that the studio will first set in motion Starfield. Furthermore, it will update on the Elder Scrolls 6 release. Up until now, the team has not opened up about anything. But, it is noteworthy to mention that Elder Scrolls 6 has a teaser. On the other hand, the Starfield has no teaser or release. Thus, buckle up!!! Bethesda game studios may surprise you one morning with the Elder Scrolls 6 online available to play. 

What is the theme of the Elder Scrolls 6?

In the upcoming series of the Elder Scrolls, there are few factors of suspense and mystery among the consistent players. For example, there is a high probability that in the sixth part, the Dragonborn will or will not be there. To begin with, in the history of the Elder scrolls, each series comes up with a brand-new protagonist of the role-play. Some of the most prominent characters are the Eternal Champion, Hero of Kvatch, and Nerevarine.



In conclusion, we know that you are eager to acknowledge what is the Elder scrolls release date? However, during this virus pandemic, we recommend you to hold your horses and polish your gaming skills with Elder Scrolls 5 online. In the meantime, Bethesda’s next big project is on its way with high-resolution graphics, new locations, and new role-plays. 

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