Is it Possible to Browse Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have long been deemed the most trending content on the platform. On the one hand, it is exciting, and the hottest content to watch within 24 hours of publication for you as the audience. On the other hand, for you like the Story creators, it is an excellent opportunity to engage your followers and entice new customers, and partners. Yes, Instagram today is a meaningful way to grow your business.

But if you take just such an Instagram feature as Stories browsing, how can you view it anonymously on such a popular and public network as Instagram? And anyway, why do we sometimes need Insta Stories anonymous browsing?

The article answers these two burning questions and, of course, takes a closer look at how Stories can be viewed anonymously, both through the use of an Instagram Story viewer service and via some loopholes. Let’s go!

Why do you sometimes need to spy on other people’s Stories?

  • explore your competitor’s content

When it comes to competitors, anonymity certainly doesn’t hurt because your competitor doesn’t need to know that you’re interested in what Stories they post, right?

  • discover more about your partner or influencer

Creating Stories is an essential part of any user who wants to become more popular on Instagram. So a little spying on Stories content of your potential partner or influencer with whom you might collaborate in the future will help you determine whether the person is suitable for further cooperation.

  • spying on exes (why not)
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Even if Stories are just entertainment for you and nothing more, then you may be interested in your ex’s life? Thus, what about browsing his or her Stories in an anonymous way (there’s nothing we can do about our curiosity)?

How to view IG Stories anonymously [3 Methods + a Bonus one]

Method 1. Instagram Story Viewer

Such tools as InstaStories, Instalkr, StoriesDown, and more are called web services for anonymous Stories viewing. It is because they work online via a browser on your device: i.e., you do not need to install such an online Instagram Story viewer or even register. Instead, all you have to do is open your browser and then the page of any viewer you find yourself (just type “Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer” into a search engine) or pick out from mentioned ones.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to browse Stories via online viewers:

  • load a browser on your device, and open a viewer page;
  • insert a username whose Stories you are going to browse unnoticed into an empty line of the tool;
  • Click on a button and wait for seconds for the viewer to load the user’s Stories;
  • then choose a Story and browse it without fear of being noticed and getting on the “Viewers list”.

NB: some web viewers offer more features such as IG Stories saving.

Method 2. Mobile Apps

It seems that special apps for viewing or downloading Instagram content are a thing of the past (in part they are), but if using online tools is not an option for you at all, then perhaps installing apps is the best way in your case. 

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Such tools are available and easy to install from Play or App Store (for example, Story Saver for Android or Story Reposter for iPhone). Also, many tools have a greater variety of features (repost, save, view content, etc.) than online services.

Before browsing other users’ Stories, install an app, then go to your IG page and enter a nickname whose Stories you are interested in and then watch them without the user knowing.

Method 3. Mobile airplane mode feature

It is one of those loopholes I’ve mentioned at the beginning of the article. The point of this viewing option is that you don’t need to use a web Instagram Story viewer or install an app. All you need is an existing feature on your phone called flight=airplane mode.

How does this method work? First, you switch on flight mode and then explore a Story offline.

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to be unnoticed using this way of Stories browsing (we used iPhone):

  1. Load your Insta page and refresh a Stories feed.
  2. Then find the airplane mode icon to switch it on: swipe the screen from bottom to top, and there will be the “plane” icon.
  3. Click on the icon and return to Insta to load the Story you desire to view anonymously.

That’s it! This feature “blocks” the internet connection so that while you are viewing Stories, you are offline. Thus you don’t show up in the list of “Viewers”.

Bonus method. Fake account

This method is not the safest today as Instagram has tightened its policy on fake accounts and blocks them at the first suspicion. But if you take the creation of a fake account seriously and spend considerable time on it, there’s a good chance that your account will last longer on Insta, and you can easily spy on the user you are interested in.


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