Is it possible to sell a used car after an accident?

sell a used car
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No one is immune from accidents on the road. But what to do with a car that was damaged during an accident? How to sell a used car correctly? After all, not everyone is ready to buy a car after an accident, and you need to look for those who will tell you we buy junk cars in Jackson, MS. Here we will tell you how to properly sell a car after an accident in order to do it quickly and with the maximum amount of money received from the sale.

Is it difficult to sell a car after an accident?

The main thing is not to panic too much when you are involved in a traffic accident. Some people take it so strongly that they leave the car to literally rot on the street, thinking that everything is over. In fact, selling a car after an accident solves many problems. You will immediately get rid of your stress and have the funds to buy a new vehicle.


However, this does not apply to all cases. It is important to adequately assess the damage right away. Maybe these are just body defects that are easy to fix. But when it comes to such elements as transmission, braking system, and engine, everything is much more complicated here. Even quality repairs can cause further relapses and, over time, the problem will return. And a faulty car is a threat to your safety. Another stumbling block is problems with documents: these are restrictions from the police and many nuances with insurance companies. Therefore, the independent sale of a car after an accident requires the involvement of specialists in this area.

The main difficulties of selling cars after an accident

The decision to sell the vehicle is made based on its condition. If the road incident was handled by the insurance company, it will pay compensation within the specified time. The amount takes into account the damage, so it is enough for a full repair. If this does not happen, it is better to sell the vehicle than to leave it in the garage. During the idle time in a closed room, the metal is covered with corrosion, which will negatively affect the cost. Some drivers do repairs themselves, but without special equipment, it is impossible to fix all breakdowns. Do not skimp on the services of a master, because even a small defect can lead to a serious malfunction.

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Sale to private buyers

Often, people specifically look for beat-up cars in order to save the budget for the purchase. They invest money in restoration because it is cheaper than buying a new car. In this way, you can get a good profit, but if the vehicle is seriously damaged, it is unlikely that there will be a buyer. After an accident, expensive parts are stored that can be sold profitably. Buyers use them in the work of service centers since it is expensive to buy new equipment. The whole car or individual parts are bought at once, but this is a profitable opportunity for the owner of a broken car. If this did not work, the vehicle can be handed over to metal acceptance points.


It is possible to sell a used car on your own, but you need to be ready to find a buyer. Advertisements in the press or trade networks come to the rescue. The main difficulty is to correctly determining the cost. It must correspond to the technical condition of the car in order to interest the client. When forming the price, it is important to take into account defects in the body, wheels, and the condition of the headlights. Pay attention to the engine, gearbox, and brakes. Without it, the car cannot be driven, and the repair of parts is expensive.

Selling a car through a company is a simpler solution

There are also companies, such as JunkCarsUS, that are interested in buying cars after an accident. Such companies buy cars in any condition, even after critical accidents. JunkCarsUS, for example, has developed a comprehensive approach for quick processing of transaction and expensive payments. A specialist’s assessment will allow you to determine the justified value of the car. A representative of the company inspects the vehicle, recording malfunctions after an accident. Both the appearance of the vehicle and the efficiency of the mechanisms are taken into account. The assessment includes the use of a thickness gauge and auxiliary devices. They detect body dents even under a layer of putty. After calculating the results, a value is formed, which is quickly paid to the client’s personal account.

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Advantages of selling a car company:

  • urgent purchase of problematic vehicles after an accident;
  • personal order processing and consultation;
  • preparation of necessary documents;
  • good value for money.

Is it profitable or not to buy a car after an accident?

That is, the question of selling a car after an accident is ambiguous, it all depends on the specific situation and what you want to get as a result. It is unlikely that you will be able to sell a car with mileage that was badly damaged after an accident in one day. Few people agree to buy a car after an accident if it is no longer subject to restoration or requires significant financial investments for repairs. Buying a car after an accident is the option that is suitable for a person who values ​​time and wants to solve the problem of changing to a new vehicle as soon as possible. The purchase of broken cars applies not only to cars, but also to trucks.


It turns out that buying a used car is much more profitable than any other option to deal with the car after an accident. In our practice, there are known cases when the customer returned about 90% of the cost on the market. It is possible to sell a broken car, but a competent approach to this task is necessary. Do not believe in too favorable terms of redemption, they can hide commissions that reduce the amount. You should check the company’s documents, as well as look at the history of transactions. Look for a company that individually solves the client’s problems, such as urgent car purchases after an accident. Also, find out if the company is acting in accordance with the law and market trends. And only then contact the company to make a preliminary assessment and find out the details of the agreement, managers will always answer all questions.


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