Is Swyftx Good for Beginners


Cryptocurrency is on a steady rise, and when it comes to Swyftx, it is one of Australia’s best platforms for cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you are someone with no prior experience in buying and selling cryptocurrency, then you can immensely benefit from this beginner-friendly platform. The intuitive platform of Swyftx allows beginner traders to invest in more than 320 cryptocurrencies and earn interest.

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The Outstanding Features of Swyftx

Newbie beginners can benefit from the amazing features of Swyftx:

Practice on Demo Mode

Amongst the most noticeable features of Swyftx, you will find that you will be able to practice in demo mode, which is an excellent feature for beginners with no prior experience in buying and selling cryptocurrency.

The demo mode will allow you to better understand how the whole trading thing works. So, once you have established your account, you will be able to toggle your login on the top screen, and you will be able to toggle onto the demo mode.

Assess the Charts

Subsequently, you can go ahead and play around – you can now buy and sell. You can also look at the charts – many cryptocurrency platforms don’t have this, but the demo mode is a great way to get started and get familiar with how this platform works.

By doing so, you will also better understand how trading works as a whole.

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Quick Verification Process

Also, Swyftx is an ideal platform for beginner traders because of the quick verification process – there are no complications involved, and it only takes two minutes to be verified, which is absolutely amazing. If this sounds interesting to you, you might want to check out Swyftx fees, comparisons & more.

Usually, the account verification is instant, so you can take advantage of the cryptocurrency market. Besides, as a newbie beginner, you won’t have to rely on your laptop and desktop whenever you want to access the platform.

Download the Mobile App

Swyftx also has an app version that you can download and use on your phone – this way; you can log into your account whenever and wherever you want. This way, you are able to monitor and see how your account is tracking throughout the day.

Low Trading Fees

Another great thing about this trading platform is that it comes with the lowest fees in Australia. It contains a flat rate of about 0.6%, and if you were to compare this rate with other potential exchanges, you would see that Swyftx is relatively cheap.

You can browse through their website and see their max trading fees which are also quite low. However, it is important to mention the hidden fees. Swyftx has a low spread, which is why loads of exchanges charge hidden fees in the spread.

So, for newbie traders, you might not be aware of what a spread actually is – let us tell you that this term refers to the basic difference between the buying and selling price of a tradable asset. And sometimes, it can also surpass the advertised trade fees of Swyftx.

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